Athens Journal of Sciences
Volume 10, Issue 2, June 2023
DOI: 10.30958/ajs_v10i2

Table of Contents
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Front Pagesi-viii
Assessment of Computational Thinking: A Study of Preservice Teachers’ Knowledge and Beliefs
Qing Li, Scot W. McNary & Tracy Boyd
Artificial Intelligence Utilization in Libraries
Aylin Ecem Gürsen, Aslı Gül Öncel, Michel Plaisent, Younes Benslimane & Prosper Bernard
The World Formula and the Theorem of Perron-Frobenius: How to Solve (Almost All) Problems of the World
Thomas Fehlmann & Eberhard Kranich
Progress Reimagined: A Generation Z Perspective on Belfast in Relation to the UNSDGs
Rebecca MacLeod, Lucy Love Haman, Erin Miller, Emilee Ernster, Camryn Moore, Meghan Wray, Daron Baltazar, Ricardo Jackson & Eduardo Lopez

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