Important note: All ATINER’s publications, including the e-journals, are open access, without any costs related to publication charged to the author or to the reader which includes their host institutions as well. ATINER’s publications follow Socrates’ example of promoting academic discourse and therefore are free. Since the publications are open access, the intellectual property rights of a paper remain with its author. The review process for a submission varies according to the complexity of the paper and the availability of readers, although a decision on acceptance typically is made within six months. Publication will follow within six to twelve months as a rule. Please note that a paper’s acceptance is independent of its author presenting at an ATINER event (conference, symposium, forum, colloquium, course, roundtable discussion). Before submitting a paper, an author must ensure that the paper meets the basic academic standards, which include clear and proper English; referees are instructed to reject a paper that is poorly argued and poorly written.