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Reviewers’ Board

Reviewers' Board
This list includes Academics who have recently reviewed papers of this Journal
1)Dr. Patrick Ashton, Academic Member, ATINER & Emeritus Associate Professor, Indiana University, USA.
2)Dr. Howayda Al Harithy, Academic Member, ATINER & Professor, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
3)Dr. Eugenia Maria Azevedo Salomao, Professor, Michoacan University of Saint Nicholas of Hidalgo, Mexico.
4)Dr. Carmela Canzonieri, Professor, Department of Architecture and Engineering, Kore University, Italy.
5)Dr. Horacio Casal, Academic Member, ATINER & Professor, National University of Rio Negro, Argentina.
6)Dr. Lineu Castello, Professor, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
7)Dr. Mario Esteban Cunsulo, Professor, National University of San Juan, Argentina. 
8)Dr. Fathi Bashier, Professor, National Ribat University, Sudan.
9)Dr. Victor Echarri Iribarren, Professor & Director of the Department of Building Construction, University of Alicante, Spain.
10)Dr. Mohamed El-Gohary, Academic Member, ATINER & Professor and Vice Dean, Faculty of Arts, Sohag University, Egypt.
11)Dr. Maurizio Francesco Errigo, Professor, Kore University of Enna, Italy.
12)Dr. Marco Antonio Escampa Abarca, Professor and Researcher, Autonomous University of Oaxaca “Benito Juárez”, Mexico.
13)Dr. Evandro Fiorin, Professor, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil.
14)Dr. Petras Grecevicius, Professor, Department of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts, Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Design "Baltic Landscapes", Arts Academy, Klaipeda University, Lithuania.
15)Dr. Eva Vanista Lazarevic, Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia.
16)Mr. Michael O’Brien, Professor, Texas A&M University, USA.
17)Dr. Teresa Rovira, Retired Professor, Polytechnic University of Catalunya, Technical School of Architecture, Barcelona, Spain.
18)Dr. Ozlem Eren, Professor, Fine Arts University, Turkey.
19)Dr. Vladimir Mako, Professor, University of Belgrade, Serbia.
20)Dr. Nikolai Tuleshkov, Academic Member, ATINER & Professor, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Bulgaria.
21)Dr. Maria Urma, Professor, University of Art "George Enescu", Romania.
22)Dr. Hector Estrada, Professor, University of the Pacific, USA.
23)Dr. Myriam Colmenares, Professor, University of Guadalajara, Mexico.
24)Dr. Javier Sánchez Merina, Professor, Alicante University, Spain.
25)Dr. Paolo Civiero, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.
26)Dr. Alessandro Lo Faro, Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture (DICAR), University of Catania, Italy.
27)Dr. Max Aguirre, Associate Professor, University of Chile, Chile.
28)Dr. Peter Bjerrum, Associate Professor, Institute of Architecture, Urbanism & Landscape, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts , Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Denmark.
29)Dr. Ilknur Turkseven Dogrusoy, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey.
30)Dr. Ozlem Karakul, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts, Selçuk University, Turkey.
31)Dr. Anne Kristiina Kurjenoja Lounassaari, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, University of the Americas, Mexico.
32)Dr. Claude Lacroix, Associate Professor & Department Chairperson, Bishop's University, Canada.
33)Dr. Pasquale Miano, Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Naples Federico II, Italy.
34)Dr. Vincenzo Sapienza, Associate Professor, University of Catania, Italy.
35)Dr. Clara Goncalves, Academic Member, ATINER & Researcher, CITAD - Lusíada University of Lisbon, & Associate Professor, Superior Institute Manuel Teixeira Gomes - ISMAT (Portimão
36)Dr. Ebru Yilmaz, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey.
37)Dr. Ahmed S. Muhaisen, Professor, Architecture Department, The Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine.
38)Dr. Tan Wenyong, Associate Professor, School of Architecture & Urban Planning, Chongqing University, China.
39)Dr. Chen Chunhong, Academic Member, ATINER & Assistant Dean, School of Architecture, Tianjin University, China.
40)Dr. Jose Manuel Pages Madrigal, Academic Member, ATINER, and Associate Professor & Chairman, Department of Architecture and Interior Design, Lebanese American University, Lebanon.
41)Dr. Didem Akyol Altun, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey.
42)Dr. Najla Allani-Bouhoula, Associate Professor, National School of Architecture and Urbanism, Tunisia.
43)Dr. Tonguc Akis, Assistant Professor, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey.
44)Dr. Cigdem Cetin, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Yasar University, Turkey.
45)Dr. Diane Al Shihabi, Assistant Professor, Iowa State University, USA.
46)Dr. Matthew Fajkus, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, The University of Texas at Austin, USA.
47)Dr. Wan-Wen Huang, Assistant Professor, Yuan Ze University, Taiwan.
48)Dr. Ebru Ö. Tökmeci, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Turkey.
49)Dr. Marta Magagnini, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Design, University of Camerino, Italy.
50)Dr. Domenico Chizzoniti, Assistant Professor, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy.
51)Dr. Kapila Silva, Associate Professor, University of Kansas, USA.
52)Dr. Maria Joao Soares, Associate Professor, Lusiada University – Lisbon and Research Fellow, CITAD – Research Centre on Territory, Architecture & Design, Portugal.
53)Dr. Zeynep Tuna Ultav, Assistant Professor, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Izmir University of Economics, Turkey.
54)Dr. Ashikur Rahman Joarder, Assistant Professor, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh.
55)Dr. Paola Ardizzola, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Design, Lebanese American University, Lebanon.
56)Dr. Ching-Pin Tseng, Assistant Professor, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan.
57)Dr. Ksenia Piatkowska, Assistant Professor, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland.
58)Dr. Tarek Abdelsalam, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA), Egypt.
59)Dr. Matin Alaghmandan, Assistant Professor, Shahid Beheshti University, Iran.
60)Dr. Mohammad Arif Kamal, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, College of Environmental Design, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia.
61)Mr. Bronne Dytoc, Academic Member, ATINER & Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Kennesaw State University, USA.
62)Dr. Raffaella Maddaluno, Assistant Professor, University of Lisbon, Portugal.
63)Dr. Constantino Mawromatis, Assistant Professor, Department of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, University of Chile, Chile.
64)Dr. Hanie Okhovat, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Tehran University, Iran.
65)Dr. Ruben Garcia Rubio, Assistant Professor, Al Ghurair University, UAE.
66)Dr. Guliz Mugan Akinci, Academic Member ATINER & Instructor and Vice Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Okan University, Turkey.
67)Dr. Koyi Mchunu, Head, Department of Town and Regional Planning, Howard College Campus, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
68)Dr. Salem Thawaba, Director, Urban planning and Landscape Architecture Master Program, Birzeit University, Palestine.
69)Dr. Eduardo Fernandes, Auxiliary Professor, School of Architecture, University of Minho & Researcher, Landscape, Heritage and Territory Laboratory (LAB2PT, EAUM), Portugal.
70)Dr. William P. O'Brien, Adjunct Lecturer, University of Arizona, USA.
71)Dr. Hernan Casakin, Senior Lecturer, Ariel University, Israel.
72)Mr. Rudolf Perold, Senior Lecturer, Department of Architectural Technology and Interior Design, Faculty of Informatics and Design, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa.
73)Dr. Maria Philokyprou, Lecturer, University of Cyprus, Cyprus.
74)Dr. Grete Swensen, Senior Researcher, Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, Norway.
75)Dr. Paola La Scala, Researcher, University of Palermo, Italy.
76)Mr. Luis Fernando Molina Prieto, Researcher, University of America, Colombia.
77)Dr. Faris Ali Mustafa Mzoori, Academic Member, ATINER & Assistant Professor, Salahaddin University, Iraq.
78)Dr. Gul Kacmaz Erk, Lecturer and BSc Programme Leader in Architecture, School of Natural and Built Environment, Queens University Belfast, UK.
79)Dr. Lovemore Chipungu, Academic Member, ATINER & Lecturer, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
80)Dr. Evance Evan Mwathunga, Lecturer, Department of Geography & Earth Sciences, Chancellor College, University of Malawi, Malawi.
81)Dr. Ayodele Agbalajobi, Academic Member, ATINER & Lecturer, Kwara State Polytechinc, Nigeria.
82)Dr. Sayed Ahmed, Lecturer, Bangladesh University, Bangladesh.
83)Dr. Jerri Lynn Hogg, President, American Psychological Associations’ Society for Media Psychology and Technology, USA.
84)Dr. Elisabetta Carattin, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Architecture and Arts, IUAV University of Venice, Italy.
85)Dr. Sarah Breen Lovett, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Sydney, Australia.
86)Dr. Giuseppe Lacanna, Academic Member, ATINER & PhD Researcher, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands.
87)Dr. Andrew Metcalf, Educator, University of Canberra, Australia.
88)Dr. Lei Wang, Researcher, Texas A&M University, USA.
89)Dr. Sawsan Saridar Masri, Academic Member, ATINER & Independent Consultant and Researcher, Lebanon.
90)Mr. Mehdi Gorjian, Researcher and PhD Candidate, Texas A&M University, USA.
91)Ms. Yrsa Cronhjort, Researcher, Aalto University, Finland. 
92)Dr. Carlos Machado, Researcher, FAUP Architecture and Urbanism Study Center (CEAU), University of Porto, Portugal.
93)Ms. Elham Madadi Kandjani, Research Assistant & PhD Candidate, Institute of Urbanism, Graz University of Technology, Austria.
94)Dr. Grazielle Carvalho, Smart City Coach, Keynote Speaker and Consultant in Territorial Planning, Brazil.
95)Ms. Macarena de la Vega de Leon, PhD Student, University of Canberra, Australia.
96)Ms. Laura Ciammitti, PhD Student, Department of Civil Building Architecture and Environmental Engineering, University of L’Aquila, Italy.
97)Ms. Hatice Ozgul Ozhisar, Academic Member, ATINER & PhD Student, Middle East Technical University, Turkey.
98)Mr. Dou Ruiqi, PhD Student, School of Architecture, Southeast University, China.
99)Ms. Nina Toleva, PhD Student, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG)/The University of Tokyo (UT), Bulgaria/Japan.
100)Mr. Efstratios Gavotsis, Graduate Engineer, RAMBOLL UK, United Kingdom.
101)Mr. Christian Kersten Hofbauer, Scientific Assistant, Institute of Urbanism, Graz University of Technology, Austria.
102)Ms. Ana Medina Gavilanes, PhD Student, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain and Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.
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