Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Architecture

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Raffaella Maddaluno: Between Earth and Sky: Art and Architecture in Dialogue in the Work of Rui Chafes and Camilo Rebelo Available online 13 January 2021
  2. Ulrika Karlsson, Cecilia Lundbäck, Daniel Norell, Einar Rodhe & Veronica Skeppe: A Live Interior: Environments, Assemblies, Materialities Available online 14 December 2020
  3. Gizem Aksümer: Urban Transformation as a Desiring Machine: The Role of Information Flows during Urban Transformation in Turkey’s Informal Settlements Available online 10 December 2020
  4. Pasquale Cucco & Agustin Mariano Santoro: Holistic Approach in Recovery and Conservation of Modern Architecture as Sign of Historical Identity Available online 10 December 2020
  5. Francesco Del Sole: Building on the Border: Architecture as a Meeting Place  Available online 09 December 2020
  6. Thomas Bisiani: Architecture without Man: New Development Scenarios of Infrastructure and Innovation in Trieste Available online 25 November 2020
  7. Ali Reza Shahbazin: Placed Appearances: Narrative, the Space of Appearance, Place Available online 25 November 2020
  8. Anastasia Nikologianni, Peter J. Larkham & Kathryn Moore: Built Environment and Landscape Design as Tools for Climate Resilient Cities and Regions Available online 18 November 2020
  9. David Michael Kretzer & Michael Walczak: The Impact of Vertical Densification on Public Lighting in Informal Settlements: Using Virtual Environments as an Evaluation Tool for Policy Making Available online 22 July 2020
  10. Sriparvathy Unni & T.N. Salahsha: Adalaj Stepwell: A Magical Resonance of Architectural Ingenuity Available online 15 July 2020
  11. Vladimir Mako: Characters of Ancient Architectural Orders and their Mannerist Interpretation in Dietterlin’s Book from 1598 Available online 14 July 2020
  12. Francesco Del Sole: The Architectural Illusion of Edoardo Tresoldi: The Reconstruction of the Basilica of Siponto Available online 11 June 2020
  13. Aylin Akçabozan Taşkiran & Can Şakir Binan: Transnational Serial Architectural Heritage in Turkey: Traces of the Roman Empire via Egnatia Available online 5 March 2020
  14. Tuğçe Darendeli & Can Şakir Binan: Seljuks Inherit to Anatolia; Caravanserais Available online 28 February 2020
  15. Aliye Menteş & Valentina Donà: Transformation of Cinema Buildings and Spaces in Nicosia: Early-Mid 20th Century Heritage Available online 24 February 2020
  16. Benedetta Caglioti: Costabili Palace and the Architecture “All’Antica” in Ferrara at the End of the XV Century Available online 18 November 2019