Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2022
DOI: 10.30958/aja_v8i1

Table of Contents
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Front Pagesi-viii
Influence of Ancient Mesopotamian Aesthetics of Gardens/Parks and Water Installations on the Development of Landscape Architecture
Antanas Stančius& Petras Grecevičius
How Can Landscape Architecture Influence Systemic Change to Achieve Sustainable Cities and Regions
Anastasia Nikologianni
The Role of Nursing Homes Architectural Design in Mitigating the Risk of COVID-19 Pandemics: The Case of Slovenia
Vesna Žegarac Leskovar & Vanja Skalicky Klemenčič
Arrangement Plan of Inner Mongolia Buddhist Temple
Enke Haoribao, Yoshinori Natsume & Shinichi Hamada

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