Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Business & Economics

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Anthony Aboagye: Structuring African Warehouse Receipt Systems to Succeed Available online 8 March 2023
  2. Anja Ströbele, Patrick Brecht, Lisa Kurz & Carsten H. Hahn: Conceptualization of a Cooperative Company Builder for Systematic Transfer of University Research and Innovation in the German Mittelstan Available online 24 February 2023
  3. Tobias Zander: FDI Flows and the Effects of the Shadow Economy: Evidence from Gravity Modelling Available online 22 February 2023
  4. Rashid Nikzad: Evaluation of Productivity in the Canadian Copyright-based Industries Available online 22 February 2023
  5. Angelo Nicolaides & Nkosinathi Dludla: Virtue Ethics and Ubuntu in Leadership towards the Promotion of Ethical Organisational Operations Available online 20 February 2023
  6. Adeyemi Adebayo: Assessing Governance Structures in State-owned Enterprises using Transaction Cost Economics’ Dimensionalisation Available online 15 November 2022
  7. Jose Manuel Castillo Lopez: The Traditional Justice System versus Mediation from the Perspective of the Economic Analysis of Law Available online 4 November 2022
  8. Stephan Unger: The Role of Country-pair-related News Sentiment in Foreign Exchange Available online 25 October 2022
  9. Elias A. Udeaja & Nathan Audu: Asymmetric Effect of External Debt and Foreign Capital Flows on Economic Growth: New Evidence from Nigeria Available online 25 October 2022
  10. Moshe Eben-Chaime: Demand Models, Revenue Curves and Profit Available online 29 September 2022
  11. Peter Jones: Corporate Digital Responsibilty in the Retail Industry: Cameo Case Studies of Two German Retailers Available online 16 September 2022
  12. Nazlı Ölmez, Türker Baş, Aslı Gül Öncel, Michel Plaisent & Prosper Bernard: E-waste Awareness Among Young Generation Available online 29 August 2022
  13. Peter Jones: UK Retailers and Plant-Based Alternatives to Meat and Dairy Products Available online 10 June 2022