Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Business & Economics

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Peter Jones: UK Retailers and Plant-Based Alternatives to Meat and Dairy Products Available online 10 June 2022
  2. Akim M. Rahman & Saadi Islam: Customers’ Opinions on Voluntary-Insurance in Bank-led Digital-banking: Statistical Analysis for Policymakers’ Attentions Available online 31 March 2022
  3. Gregory T. Papanikos: Hesiod on Scarcity Available online 1 February 2022
  4. Gregory T. Papanikos: Hesiod’s Works and Days as an Economics Textbook
    Available online 24 January 2022
  5. Afşin Şahin: Testing Distributions in Banking Sector Loans with Different Computer Programs: An Experimental Analysis for Turkey Available online 30 December 2021
  6. Constantin Colonescu: Compounded Markups in Complex Market Structures Available online 26 November 2021
  7. Patrick Brecht, Jörn Faßbinder, Daniel Hendriks, Anja Stroebele & Carsten H. Hahn: Rapid Platform Exploration – A Sprint to Discover and Design Digital Platform Business Models Available online 22 November 2021
  8. Leonida Correia & Maria João Ribeiro: Macroeconomics and the Construction Sector: Evidence from Portugal Available online 11 November 2021
  9. Deniz Akgül & Vildan Güneş: Minority Stress of Workers as Internal Customers: A Case Study in Turkey Available online 26 October 2021
  10. Peter Jones & Daphne Comfort: A Review of the Leading Information Technology Companies’ Modern Slavery Statements Available online 21 October 2021
  11. Ezgi Oguz & Jamie Marsden: Defending Against Copycat Packaging: The Role of Design from a Consumer’s Perspective Available online 21 October 2021
  12. Miemie Struwig & Storm Watson: Working Capital Management and Systems Disruption during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from South Africa Available online 19 October 2021
  13. Stefanie Baumgartner & Marc K Peter: Strategic Foresight and Innovation Management: A Comparative Study across International Swiss Banks Available online 16 September 2021
  14. Karin Brunsson: Formal Rationality as Ideal: The Textbook Approach to Management Available online 16 September 2021
  15. Manuel Niever, Ilona Martina Scholz & Carsten Hahn: Innovation Driven by Cooperation of Startups and SME Available online 08 September 2021
  16. Masoud Mohammed Albiman & Hamad Omar Bakar: The Role of Financial Inclusion on Economic Growth in Sub Saharan African (SSA) Region Available online 23 July 2021