Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Business & Economics

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Stephan Unger:  The Effect of Allocative Efficiency of Free Markets on Entropy and Its Implications on Taxes Available online 5 February 2019
  2. Wafaa Salah & Abdallah Abdel-Salam: The Effects of International Financial Reporting Standards on Financial Reporting Quality Available online 16 January 2019
  3. Maria Babosik: Climate Finance by Multinational Development Banks – with Special Attention to Europe Available online 23 December 2018
  4. Wei Fu & Bei Chen Liang: How Millennials’ Personality Traits Influence Their Eco-Fashion Purchase Behavior Available online 21 December 2018
  5. Joseph Mensah Onumah & King Carl Tornam Duho: Intellectual Capital: Its Impact on Financial Performance and Financial Stability of Ghanaian Banks Available online 19 December 2018
  6. Ulrich Schüle, Franz Liening-Ewert, Daniel Schäffer and Edith Zeppenfeld: Opening Argentina to Public-Private Partnerships: Opportunities and Risks for Government Entities and Private Investors Available online 16 November 2018
  7. Rainer Przywara: The Interrelation between Manufacturing Productivity, Maximum Sectoral Employment and National Income Per Capita Available online 13 November 2018
  8. Debdatta Saha: Identity and Perception of Risk for Entrepreneurs: Lessons from an Industrially Less Developed State in India Available online 13 November 2018
  9. Anisul M. Islam: Bangladesh Trade with India: Trends and Patterns Available online 23 October 2018
  10. Siddharth Mohapatra & Pratima Verma: Bhoodan-Based Corporate Citizenship: Corporate Accountability Based on Serving and Empowering Land-Owners and Users Available online 18 October 2018