Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Business & Economics

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Stavroula Malla, K. K. Klein & Taryn Presseau: Has the Demand for Fats and Meats in the United States Been Affected by the Health Claim on Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Issued by the Food and Drug Administration? Available online 07 March 2020
  2. Abidemi Abiola & Rasak A. Adefabi: Rural Structural Transformation and Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria Available online 02 March 2020
  3. Bretel B. Dolipas, Julie A. Buasen, Maria Azucena B. Lubrica,Phil S. Ocampo, Kenneth B. Pakipac, Marycel T. Sajise & Precious M. Valentin: Assessment of the University Vision, Goals, Mission and Program Objectives: A Management Protocol for Quality Assurance Available online 12 February 2020
  4. Liton Chandro Sarkar: Empirical Assessment on the Impact of Leverage and Capital Adequacy on Performance of Non-Bank Financial Institutions in Bangladesh Available online 14 December 2020
  5. Michael Segun Ogunmuyiwa: The Influence of Publicity and Sales Promotion on Marketing Performance in Nigeria Available online 14 December 2020
  6. Peter Jones and Daphne Comfort: Animal Welfare and Major Food Retailers Available online 09 December 2020
  7. Nathan Audu and Titus Obiezue: Exchange Rate and Trade in Services Nexus in Nigeria: A Non-Linear ARDL Approach Available online 02 December 2020
  8. Somjit Barat: Attitudes of the Indian Middle Class: A Theory of Planned Behavior Approach Available online 02 December 2020
  9. Barbara Jeanne Slazus & Geoffrey Bick: Factors that Influence FinTech Adoption in South Africa: A Study of Consumer Behaviour towards Branchless Mobile Banking Available online 04 November 2020
  10. Saiyu Gu and Haowen Liu: Crafting a Confucian Culture in Chinese Corporations: A Case Study of Guangzhou Borche Available online 29 October 2020
  11. David Hanrahan: Digitalization as a Determinant of Tax Revenues in OECD Countries: A Static and Dynamic Panel Data Analysis Available online 29 October 2020
  12. Manuel Niever, Han Jennifer Trinh, Roman Kerres & Carsten Hahn: Integration of Agile Approaches in SME’s Product Development: Demand Analysis and Concept Development Available online 14 October 2020
  13. Saïd Oubaziz & Dalila Matmar: Open Innovation: A New Source of Business Competitiveness Available online 30 September 2020
  14. Peter Jones & Daphne Comfort: The Circular Economy: An Exploratory Case Study from the Paper and Retail Industries Available online 16 September 2020
  15. Rapheal Olanrewaju Babatunde, Adedayo Olufemi Adekunle, Gbenga Opeyemi & O. Agboola: Farmers Willingness to Pay for Participatory Poultry Research in Kwara State, Nigeria: Ex-ante Approach Available online 16 September 2020
  16. Dariusz Filip: A Review of Main Strands on the Flow-Performance Relationship of Mutual Funds Available online 11 September 2020
  17. Kabiru Ishola Genty, Matthew Adekunle Abioro & Oluwatobiloba Shofowora: Job Crafting and Employees’ Performance in MTN Nigeria PLC Available online 9 September 2020
  18. Christian Brandstetter, Roman Kerres & Carsten Hahn: Transnational Entrepreneurship: A New Perspective on a Cooperative Approach towards Cross-border Entrepreneurship Available online 8 September 2020
  19. Salem Amara: An Overview of Corporate Governance Practice in Companies Listed on the Libyan Stock Market Available online 23 July 2020