Athens Journal of Business & Economics
Volume 8, Issue 4, October 2022
DOI: 10.30958/ajbe/v8i4

Table of Contents
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Front Pagesi-viii
Strategic Foresight and Innovation Management: A Comparative Study across International Swiss Banks
Stefanie Baumgartner & Marc K Peter
Formal Rationality as Ideal: The Textbook Approach to Management
Karin Brunsson
Innovation Driven by Cooperation of Startups and SME
Manuel Niever, Ilona Martina Scholz & Carsten Hahn
The Role of Financial Inclusion on Economic Growth in Sub Saharan African (SSA) Region
Masoud Mohammed Albiman & Hamad Omar Bakar
Hesiod’s Works and Days as an Economics Textbook
Gregory T. Papanikos

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