Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Education

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Leticja Gusho & Rodika Goci: The Importance of Teachers Training in Relation to the Socialization of Children with Special Education Needs in the Mainstream Classrooms Available online 18 April 2023
  2. Ali Abusalem, Lorraine Bennett & Dimitra Antonelou-Abusalem: Engaging and Retaining Students in Online Learning Available online 10 April 2023
  3. Lorraine Bennett & Ali Abusalem: Building Academic Integrity and Capacity in Digital Assessment in Higher Education Available online 7 April 2023
  4. Kieron Sheehy, Jonathan Rix, Felicity Fletcher-Campbell, Martin Crisp & Amanda Harper: Using Vignettes as a Research Method to Investigate Placement and Provision for Children with Special Educational Needs in Different Countries Available online 4 April 2023
  5. Eva Klemenčič, Mateja Ploj Virtič & Janja Majer Kovačič: The Role of Teacher Education in the Science Literacy Development Available online 26 January 2023
  6. Jelena Osmanović Zajić & Jelena Maksimović: The Bologna in the Field of Social Sciences and Humanities: A Precondition for Successful University Education Available online 6 March 2023
  7. Miranda Enesi & Anisa Trifoni: An Analysis of English Writing Errors of Freshmen Students’ Essays: The Case of ‘Aleksandër Moisiu’ University Available online 3 March 2023
  8. John Victor Rautenbach, Ntobeko Shozi & Angelo Nicolaides: The Implication of ‘Rurality’ in Terms of Higher Education in a Rural South African Context Available online 2 March 2023
  9. Adrienne Coleman & Traci Ellis: E2: Equity and Excellence Framework Available online 24 February 2023
  10. James A. Bryant, Jr.: Gadugi: Reclaiming Native American Education through a Culturally Reflective Pedagogy Available online 22 February 2023
  11. Susanne I. Lapp & Rina Bousalis: Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions of the Learning and Teaching of Civil Rights Available online 21 February 2023
  12. Mei-Shiu Chiu & Ya Ping (Amy) Hsiao: Process Indicators for Grading Group Essays: Learning Analytics of Assessment Data and Online Behaviour Available online 20 February 2023
  13. Krzysztof A. Cyran: Research and Innovation Staff Exchange as a Frame for Collaboration of Higher Education with Industry: Lessons Learned from WrightBroS Horizon 2020 EU Project Available online 14 February 2023
  14. William Bintz: Portrayal of Bullying in Selected Picture Books: A Content Analysis Available online 15 December 2022
  15. Rene Martinez & Mervyn Wighting: Teacher-Student Relationships: Impact of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Available online 29 November 2022
  16. Mofoluwake Oluwadamilola Uleanya & Gedala Mulliah Naidoo: The Use of E-learning During COVID-19 Pandemic Era Available online 23 November 2022
  17. Ridha Mardiani & Merina Hanifah: Enhancing English Language Skills through a Collaborative Drama Project Available online 1 November 2022
  18. Mohammed Awal Alhassan: Teaching English as a Third Language to Minority Adult Learners in Norwegian Secondary Schools Available online 25 October 2022
  19. Troy N. Herrera & Alexandria Proff: Three Keys to Retaining Talented Teachers in the UAE: Leadership, Community, and Work-Life Balance – A Phenomenological Case Study in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah Available online 25 October 2022
  20. Sara Dias Trindade & José António Moreira: Technologies and Digital Competences in Portuguese Education: History of its Integration in Pedagogical Practices since the Beginning of the 20th Century Available online 18 October 2022
  21. Rebecca Renee Herrera & Sharon Kay Waller: Teacher Planning Templates: Helpful Tool or Waste of Time? A Comparative Analysis of the Perceptions of Novice and Experienced Teachers in the UAE and USA Available online 18 October 2022
  22. Peter JO Aloka: Birth Order Differences and Overall Adjustment among First Year Undergraduate Students in One Selected University Available online 27 September 2022
  23. Ghina Kalaji & Nadera Alborno: The Influence of Gifted and Talented Programs on Students’ Self-concept Available online 27 September 2022