Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Education

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Abdullatif Kaban: Secure Internet Use in Information Technologies and Software Course Textbooks at Primary and Secondary Schools Available online 10 June 2020
  2. Yaffa Buskila & Tamar Chen-Levi: Intense Teaching Schedule in Israeli Teachers Available online 13 May 2020
  3. Intisar Ambusaidi, Bernard Badiali & Khalid Alkharousi: Examining How Biology Teachers’ Pedagogical Beliefs Shape the Implementation of the Omani Reform-Oriented Curriculum Available online 24 February 2020
  4. Kwabena Ofori-Attah: Early Childhood Education and Instructional Ecology: A Vygotskian Approach in Teaching Early Childhood Social Studies Available online 24 February 2020
  5. Mesut Ozturk: Cognitive and Metacognitive Skills Performed by Math Teachers in the Proving Process of Number Theory Available online 19 February 2020
  6. Dolgun Aslan, Seyfettin Arslan & Hasan Aydin: An Evaluation Constructivist Approach in High School Teaching Process: A Scale Development and Validation Available online 10 February 2020
  7. Luigina Mortari & Marco Ubbiali: Service Learning: A Philosophy and Practice to Reframe Higher Education Available online 7 February 2020
  8. Matthew E. Haug & Teresa Wasonga: Understanding How Leadership Matters: Collective Efficacy and Student Achievement Available online 28 January 2020
  9. Aljawharah Alsalamah & Carol Callinan: Key Barriers to Training Effectiveness for Female Head Teachers in Saudi Arabia: A Qualitative Survey Available online 18 December 2019
  10. Adina Mannes: The Confused Professional Identity of Native and Non-Native EFL Teacher Educators: Are They Teachers or Researchers? Available online 17 December 2019
  11. Linda Helén Haukland: The Bologna Process and HEIs Institutional Autonomy Available online 17 December 2019
  12. Andreas Hebbel-Seeger, Philipp Riehm, André Kopischke & Marianna Baranovskaa: LectureCast as 360 Degree Video: What Impact Do Immersion and Presence Experience Have on Learning Performance? Available online 13 December 2019
  13. Jerrell Sherman & John R. Slate: Differences in Graduation and Persistence Rates over Time for African-American Students at Texas 4-Year Universities Available online 29 November 2019
  14. Aaron Brown & Michael Bauer: Merging Engineering Education with Service-Learning: How Community Based Projects Encourage Socially Conscious Engineers Available online 1 November 2019
  15. Xenia Coulter & Lee Herman: The Lure of Autocratic Education in a Somewhat Democratic Society Available online 10 October 2019
  16. Rasim Tösten: Examining the Relationship between Cultural Capital and Self-Efficacy: A Mixed Design Study on Teachers Available online 19 September 2019
  17. Anastasia Hasikou: New Approaches to Individual Instrumental Tuition in Music Education Available online 6 June 2019
  18. Ragbir Bhathal : An Exploration of Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Electricity and Magnetism Available online 23 May 2019
  19. Arthur Firipis, Siva Chandrasekaran & Matthew Joordens: Differentiating the Curriculum to Achieve “Learner Growth” when using 1:1 Mobile Devices for Learning Available online 20 May 2019
  20. Barbara Ann Temple, Kathryn Bentley, David K. Pugalee, Natalie Blundell & Carlos Miranda Pereyra: Using Dance & Movement to Enhance Spatial Awareness Learning  Available online 17 April 2019
  21. Zuzana Pechova: The Real-Life Experience of Visual Art in Czech Extracurricular and Co-curricular Education Available online 20 March 2019
  22. Charles C. Verharen: Democratizing Philosophy: School for Life, Life for School Available online 14 March 2019