Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Education

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Rasim Tösten: Examining the Relationship between Cultural Capital and Self-Efficacy: A Mixed Design Study on Teachers Available online 19 September 2019
  2. Michael Aristidou: Is Mathematical Logic Really Necessary in Teaching Mathematical Proofs? Available online 14 August 2019
  3. Anastasia Hasikou: New Approaches to Individual Instrumental Tuition in Music Education Available online 6 June 2019
  4. Ragbir Bhathal : An Exploration of Students’ Conceptual Understanding of Electricity and Magnetism Available online 23 May 2019
  5. Arthur Firipis, Siva Chandrasekaran & Matthew Joordens: Differentiating the Curriculum to Achieve “Learner Growth” when using 1:1 Mobile Devices for Learning Available online 20 May 2019
  6. Enzo Bonacci: On Teaching Quantum Physics at High School Available online 25 April 2019
  7. Barbara Ann Temple, Kathryn Bentley, David K. Pugalee, Natalie Blundell & Carlos Miranda Pereyra: Using Dance & Movement to Enhance Spatial Awareness Learning  Available online 17 April 2019
  8. Roland Pourdavood, Kathy McCarthy & Tess McCafferty: The Impact of Mental Computation on Children’s Mathematical Communication, Problem Solving, Reasoning, and Algebraic Thinking Available online 28 March 2019
  9. Zuzana Pechova: The Real-Life Experience of Visual Art in Czech Extracurricular and Co-curricular Education Available online 20 March 2019
  10. Charles C. Verharen: Democratizing Philosophy: School for Life, Life for School Available online 14 March 2019
  11. Matthew Rudd & Lawrence Honkis: Analysing the Correlation between English Proficiency and Academic Performance among Thai University Students Available online 25 February 2019
  12. Adrienne Coleman: D-STEM Equity Model: Diversifying the STEM Education to Career Pathway  Available online 21 February 2019
  13. Annabell Sahr: Translanguaging Practices of Multilingual Learners of German Available online 11 February 2019
  14. Abe Zeid: Deploying Engineering-Based Learning in High School Students STEM Learning Available online 4 February 2019
  15. Edna Velásquez: The Effect of Discipline-Related Knowledge on Heritage Language Learners’ Reading Comprehension Available online 4 February 2019
  16. Budiyanto, Kieron Sheehy, Helen Kaye & Khofidotur Rofiah: Indonesian Educators’ Knowledge and Beliefs about Teaching Children with Autism Available online 29 January 2019
  17. Toni S. Strieker, Woong Lim, David Rosengrant & Marcia Wright: Promising Practices in Coaching Co-taught Preservice Clinical Experiences Available online 30 October 2018
  18. Manuel Niever, Thilo Richter, Katharina Duehr, Miriam Wilmsen, Laura Lanz, Benjamin Walter, Albert Albers & Carsten Hahn:  KaLeP: A Holistic Case-based Action Learning Environment to Educate Successful Future Engineers Available online 27  August  2018