Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Education

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Juan Pedro Aznar Alarcón, Lisandro Castillo & Teresa Duplá Marín:  Mediation Techniques in Secondary Education should take into Account Gender Differences for Enhanced Effectiveness: Evidence from Secondary Schools in Catalonia Available online 12 June 2017
  2. Yousef Alshaboul: Jordanian Pre-service EFL Teachers’ Perspectives about Phonological Awareness: Contributions to reading development Available online 9 June 2017
  3. Sara Zamir: A Teaching Career: Mobility and Stagnation Available online 2 June 2017
  4. Alain Gholam: Student Engagement through Visual Thinking Routines Available online 30 May 2017
  5. Fiona Budgen & John West: Identifying and Supporting Numeracy Needs of First Year Undergraduate Education Students Available online 24 May 2017
  6. Susan Hoisington, John R. Slate, Cynthia Martinez-Garcia & Wally Barnes: Differences in Academic Achievement as a Function of Instructional Expenditure Ratio for Students in Poverty Available online 5 May 2017
  7. Swapna Williamson & Laila Paulsen – Becejac: The Impact of Peer Learning within a Group of International Post-graduate Students –A Pilot Study Available online 18 April 2017
  8. Jean-Pierre Atanas: Is Virtual-Physical or Physical-Virtual Manipulatives in Physics Irrelevant within Studio Physics Environment? Available online 10 April 2017
  9. Vesna Damnjanović, Bill Proud & Nopporn Ruangwanit: Percevied Benefits and Issues of Student Learning in Business Case Competition Comparison Study of Serbia, Australia and Thailand Available online 23 March 2017
  10. Caroline Locher-Lo: Are We “There” Yet?: A Comparative Analysis of the Canadian Standards on the Corporal Punishment of Children in Schools Available online 20 March 2017
  11. Li Fengliang, Li Manli & W. John Morgan: The Rate of Return to Educational Investment for Engineers: Evidence from the Private Sector in China Available online 20 February 2017
  12. Carol L. Hodes & Patricia A. Kelley: Closing the Skills Gap through Technical Excellence  Available online 13 February 2017
  13. Irini Papaieronymou: Teaching College Probability for Higher Achievement Available online 10 February 2017
  14. David Wawrzinek, Guido Ellert & Claas Christian Germelmann: Value Configuration in Higher Education – Intermediate Tool Development for Teaching in Complex Uncertain Environments and Developing a Higher Education Value Framework  Available online 4 January 2017
  15. Blaine T. Garfolo & Barbara L’Huillier: Ethics, Globalization, and the Role Educators Play Available online 19 December 2016
  16. Karen Trimmer: Development of a Questionnaire to Measure Risk-taking in Decision-making by School Principals Available online 8 December 2016