Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Education

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Mayank V. Sodha, Jignesh P. Vaghela & A. Arun Kumar: Perception of the University Students on Entrepreneurship Education Available online30 November 2023
  2. Lena Ivarsson: Acceleration and Enrichment for Gifted Students – From the Perspective of Swedish Principals Available online 24 November 2023
  3. Mohammed-Awal Alhassan, Ahmed Bawa Kuyini, Boitumelo Mangope & Thenjiwe Emily Major: African Academics in Norway: Experiences of Inclusion and Exclusion and Impact on Mental Wellbeing Available online 26 October 2023
  4. Margaret Gichuru, Rhiannon Maton, Mechthild Nagel & Lin Lin: Engaging Children in Philosophical Inquiry through Picturebooks Available online 24 October 2023
  5. Constantia Charalambous & Christos Papademetriou: Inclusive Education during Pandemic Crisis of COVID-19 Available online 4 October 2023
  6. Farideh Hamidi, Shokoofeh Soleymani, Sara Dazy & Maryam Meshkat: Teaching Mathematics Based on Integrating Reading Strategies and Working Memory in Elementary School Available online 29 September 2023
  7. Djily Diagne: Is there a Link between Teacher Salary and Educational Achievement? An Analysis in OECD Countries Available online 21 September 2023
  8. Leticja Gusho & Rodika Goci: The Importance of Teachers Training in Relation to the Socialization of Children with Special Education Needs in the Mainstream Classrooms Available online 18 April 2023
  9. Ali Abusalem, Lorraine Bennett & Dimitra Antonelou-Abusalem: Engaging and Retaining Students in Online Learning Available online 10 April 2023
  10. Lorraine Bennett & Ali Abusalem: Building Academic Integrity and Capacity in Digital Assessment in Higher Education Available online 7 April 2023