Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Education

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Niclas Lindström & Lars Samuelsson: Moral Taste and Moral Education – An Interview Study Available online 10 June 2021
  2. Surhan Fatima Qureshi & Sharon Kay Waller: An Examination of Factors Predicting the Academic Success of Undergraduate Second-Language Learners in the United Arab Emirates Available online 08 June 2021
  3. Muhammet Emre Kılıç: What are the Expectations of Primary School Teachers from Instructional Leaders during the Distance Education Period? Available online 25 May 2021
  4. Ali Baraei, Behrooz Mahram & Bakhtiar ShabaniVaraki: Essential Components of Miller’s Soulful Curriculum Theory Available online 28 April 2021
  5. Muhannad Almutiry, Mohammad Y. Alshehri & Gary M. Sayed: Diffusion of High Impact Educational Practices at a Saudi University Available online 24 April 2021
  6. David Roy: Mask Usage and Drama Teacher Understanding in Australia Available online 24 April 2021
  7. Vânia Graça, Paula Quadro-Flores & Altina Ramos: The Integration of the Digital Platform Educaplay in Interdisciplinary Paths in the 1st and 2nd Basic Education Cycles Available online 08 April 2021
  8. Mevlüt Aydoğmuş & Ahmet Kurnaz: Investigating the Effectiveness of Reflective Teaching Activities in Secondary English Classes Available online 08 April 2021
  9. Ümit Kahraman & Osman Tayyar Çelik: Evaluation of TALIS 2018 Results in the Context of Professional Development: Turkey Sample Available online 08 April 2021
  10. Neslihan Ültay: Preschool Teacher Candidates’ Ability to Design STEM-Focused Activities and Attitudes towards STEM Available online 05 April 2021
  11. Durdağı Akan, Oğuzhan Sevim, İsa Yıldırım, Muhammed Çiftçi & Muhammet Emre Kılıç: An Analysis of the Ideal Qualities that Unıversıty Students Look for in their Peer Available online 22 March 2021
  12. Emrullah Deniz & Hilal Kazu: Examination of the Relationships between Secondary School Students’ Social Media Attitudes, School Climate Perceptions and Levels of Alienation Available online 19 March 2021
  13. Müge Aygün & Yasemin Hacıoğlu: Teaching the Sound Concept: A Review of Science and Physics Education Postgraduate Theses in Turkey Available online 18 March 2021
  14. Lukanda Kalobo: The Relation between the Teaching of Mathematics and Statistics in the Republic of South Africa Available online 17 March 2021
  15. Robsan M. Egne: Pedagogical Science Practices in Public Higher Education Institutions of Ethiopia: Progress Made but Challenges Remain Available online 16 March 2021
  16. Suhua Huang & Marcie Reynolds: Facts that Influence College Students’ Reading Motivation Available online 16 March 2021
  17. Elif Kilicoglu & Abdullah Kaplan: Predicting the Mathematical Abstraction Processes Using the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy: Secondary School 7th Graders Available online 10 March 2021
  18. Lars Samuelsson & Niclas Lindström: Ethics Teaching in Education for Sustainable Development Available online 10 March 2021
  19. Abdulghani Muthanna: Higher Teacher Education: Raising Awareness toward Constructing Teaching Philosophy Statements Available online 07 March 2021
  20. Mohammed-Awal Alhassan: Teachers’ Moral Evaluation of Students in an Inclusive Secondary School: A Study of Minority Students’ Behaviour and School Performance Available online 04 March 2021
  21. Ayşe Elitok Kesici & Barış Çavuş: Teacher Preparation Process in the United States of America Available online 22 February 2021
  22. Cynthia Dawn Martelli: A University Literacy Festival: The Impact of Connecting Children’s Authors with Students, Teachers, and Librarians from Title I Schools Available online 22 February 2021
  23. Dilsad Güven & Ziya Argün: Mathematical Language of Students with Learning Disabilities in the Context of Length Available online 20 February 2021
  24. Kitt Margaret Lyngsnes & Siv Kristin Skjelvåg: Being a Dyslectic in Norwegian Secondary School Available online 18 February 2021
  25. Esha Sekhri: Incorporating Movie Clips to Validate Learning: A Students’ Assessment Available online 15 February 2021
  26. Niclas Lindström & Lars Samuelsson: On how RE Teachers Address the Sometimes Conflicting Tasks of Conveying Fundamental Values and Facilitating Critical Thinking Available online 5 February 2021
  27. Khadija Al Balushi: Omani English as a Foreign Language Teachers’ Views about Participatory Professional Development Available online 1 February 2021
  28. Jessica Pinchbeck & Caroline Heaney: Case Report: The impact of Online Forum Use on Student Retention in a Level 1 Distance Learning Module Available online 29 January 2021
  29. Nataliya Samoylenko, Ludmila Zharko & Aleksandra Glotova: Designing Online Learning Environment: ICT Tools and Teaching Strategies Available online 22 January 2021
  30. Tamar Chen-Levi & Yaffa Buskila: Our Organization Deals with People, not with Products”: Perceptions of School Organizational Patterns Available online 20 January 2021
  31. Leiv Opstad: Can Multiple-Choice Questions Rep­­lace Constructed Response Test as an Exam Form in Business Courses? Evidence from a Business School Available online 19 January 2021
  32. Demet Deniz Yilmaz & Betül Küçük Demir: Mathematics Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge Involving the Relationships between Perimeter and Area Available online 19 January 2021
  33. Özlem Altındağ Kumaş & Cevriye Ergül: Effectiveness of the Big Math for Little Kids Program on the Early Mathematics Skills of Children with Risk Group Available online 04 January 2021
  34. Betül Küçük Demir: The Opinions of Mathematics Teacher Candidates Who Have Received a STEM Training on STEM and the Activities they Designed in the Class Available online 28 December 2020
  35. Ceylan Şen, Zeynep Sonay AY & Gürsel Güler: The Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Learning on Middle School Students’ Mathematics Reasoning Skill Available online 14 December 2020