Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Education

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Adrienne Coleman: D-STEM Equity Model: Diversifying the STEM Education to Career Pathway  Available online 21 February 2019
  2. Annabell Sahr: Translanguaging Practices of Multilingual Learners of German Available online 11 February 2019
  3. Paul Schrik & Teresa Akinyi Wasonga: The Role of a School Leader in Academic Outcomes: Between Self-efficacy and Outcome Expectations Available online 5 February 2019
  4. Abe Zeid: Deploying Engineering-Based Learning in High School Students STEM Learning Available online 4 February 2019
  5. Edna Velásquez: The Effect of Discipline-Related Knowledge on Heritage Language Learners’ Reading Comprehension Available online 4 February 2019
  6. Budiyanto, Kieron Sheehy, Helen Kaye & Khofidotur Rofiah: Indonesian Educators’ Knowledge and Beliefs about Teaching Children with Autism Available online 29 January 2019
  7. Toni S. Strieker, Woong Lim, David Rosengrant & Marcia Wright: Promising Practices in Coaching Co-taught Preservice Clinical Experiences Available online 30 October 2018
  8. Manuel Niever, Thilo Richter, Katharina Duehr, Miriam Wilmsen, Laura Lanz, Benjamin Walter, Albert Albers & Carsten Hahn:  KaLeP: A Holistic Case-based Action Learning Environment to Educate Successful Future Engineers Available online 27  August  2018
  9. Gloria Gresham & Pauline Sampson: Women Superintendent Research: 2014-2016 Dissertation Literature Review Content Analysis  Available online 15 May  2018
  10. Ahmed Alduais: A Proposed Ranked-Based Ranking Model on the Impact of International Ranking of Higher Education Institutions on Higher Education Reform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Available online 18 April  2018
  11. Batini Federico, Marco Bartolucci & Ermelinda De Carlo: I Feel Good at School! Reducing School Discomfort Levels through integrated Interventions Available online 16 April  2018
  12. Victoria Carr & Mary Boat: “You Say Praise, I Say Encouragement” – Negotiating Positive Behavior Support in a Constructivist Preschool Available online 29 March 2018
  13. Jenny A. M. McGown & John R. Slate: Differences by Economic Status in Grade 3 Reading Performance: A Texas Multiyear Study Available online 29 March 2018
  14. Mehmet Evrim Altin: Internationalization of the German Higher Education System New Player in the Market Available online 26 March 2018
  15. Soly Mathew Biju: Benefits of Working in Pairs in Problem Solving and Algorithms – Action Research Available online 22 February 2018