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This list includes papers that have been accepted by the Editors of the AJE (desk accepted) and have been sent out for blind review. However, ATINER has decided to upload the submitted paper so that Academics and Researchers are more than welcomed to provide comments about these papers. This unique reviewing process serves the following purposes (a) transparency of the review process; (b) academics other the designated blind reviewers have the opportunity to read, learn and comment on a paper before it is published; (c) the authors benefit from more than the two comments normally provided by a standard reviewing process and (d) papers are checked for true originality before they are published. Please note that comments will be accepted up to two months from the uploaded date of the paper. You can send the comments using the referee report available here.

  1. The Effectiveness of Augmented Reality in Improving Students Motivation: An Experimental Study (Paper Code: 2021-4464-AJE Uploaded on 20 September 2021)
  2. Forestalling Bullying (Paper Code: 2021-4463-AJE Uploaded on 20 September 2021)
  3. Learning Habits in Higher Education before and after the Covid-19 Pandemic Outbreak (Paper Code: 2021-4462-AJE Uploaded on 20 September 2021)
  4. Primary Weaknesses of unsupervised English Language e-tests with Descriptive and Robust Inferential Statistics (Paper Code: 2021-4402-AJE Uploaded on 20 September 2021)
  5. A Comparative Review of Education Policy in Brazil and South Africa: Divergent Trends in Inequality (Paper Code: 2021-4457-AJE on 15 September 2021)
  6. Development and Validation of Instrumentation to Assess University Academics’ Research and Teaching Performance in Punjab, Pakistan  (Paper Code: 2021-4455-AJE on 15 September 2021)
  7. Assessment of Dıstance Learning Practices during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Grades K-12 (Paper Code: 2021-4375-AJE Uploaded on 15 September 2021)
  8. Investigation of the Science Individualized Education Programs’ Learning Outcomes According to the Revised Bloom Taxonomy (Paper Code: 2021-4451-AJE on 8 September 2021)
  9. Using Formative Assessment to Improve Student Achievement in Reading: Reflections from the Field (Paper Code: 2021-4447-AJE-EDU on 8 September 2021)
  10. Investigation of Pre-Service Music Teachers’ Multicultural Personality Levels: The Case of Turkey (Paper Code: 2021-4445-AJE on 8 September 2021)
  11. Using Formative Assessment to Improve Student Achievement in Reading: Reflections from the Field (Paper Code: 2021-4447-AJE-EDU on 8 September 2021)
  12. Investigation of Pre-Service Music Teachers’ Multicultural Personality Levels: The Case of Turkey (Paper Code: 2021-4445-AJE on 8 September 2021)
  13. Urban and Rural School, who is better? Student’s Critical Thinking Skills and Science Processing Skills based on Gender (Paper Code: 2021-4444-AJE on 6 September 2021)
  14. How does the Regulatory Focus affect Problem-solving among Undergraduate Students? (Paper Code: 2021-4395-AJE on 6 September 2021)
  15. Examining Student Support in Implementing Open Distance Learning during Covid-19 (Paper Code: 2021-4432-AJE on 27 August 2021)
  16. Pupil’s Fraction Learning Based on Board Game Playing (Paper Code: 2021-4431-AJE-MAT on 24 August 2021)
  17. Patterns of Leadership Behavior among the Heads of Departments of the Hashemite University Colleges, As Perceived by the Faculty Members (Paper Code: 2021-4428-AJE on 23 August 2021)
  18. Psychological Well-Being of Senior Secondary School Students: Does Type of School and its Interaction with Academic Achievement level Matter? (Paper Code: 2021-4419-AJE on 19 August 2021)
  19. Closing the Mathematical Gender Gap in Higher Education: A Case of Graduate Female Students in the Kenyan Universities (Paper Code: 2021-4398-AJE on 29 July 2021)
  20. Testing the Efficacy of Virtual Labs in India for Simulation of Optics Experiments at the Undergraduate Level (Paper Code: 2021-4391-AJE on 20 July 2021)
  21. The Impact of the Linus Literacy Program on Reading Ability Skills in Malaysia (Paper Code: 2021-4376-AJE on 19 July 2021)
  22. Persisting Effects of Social Origin and Social Capital Inequalities on Choices of Higher Education Courses in India (Paper Code: 2021-4372-AJE on 17 July 2021)
  23. Indonesia Teacher Competencies in Integrating ICT Technology for Education (Paper Code: 2021-4370-AJE on 13 July 2021)
  24. From Teaching about Diversity to Learning in Diversity in the Romanian Educational System (Paper Code: 2021-4359-AJE on 12 July 2021)
  25. The Role of Positive Psychological Capital in the Prediction of Teachers Well-Being mediated by Motivation: A Systematic Review (Paper Code: 2021-4360-AJE on 6 July 2021)
  26. Estimation in the Primary Mathematics Curricula of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey: A privileged or prevented Competence? (Paper Code: 2021-4333-AJE Uploaded on 23 June 2021)
  27. Understanding Effective Teaching Beliefs of Instructors and Students: A Qualitative Study at an Ethiopian University (Paper Code: 2021-4277-AJE Uploaded on 28 May 2021)
  28. CLIL and Drama on the Conceptual Knowledge and Logical Thinking in Mathematics (Paper Code: 2021-4276-AJE Uploaded on 28 May 2021)
  29. Designing a Model for Effective Educational Management and Supervision for the Gifted and Talented Education (Paper Code: 2021-4265-AJE Uploaded on 19 May 2021)
  30. Examining Early Career Teachers’ Formative Practices to Inform and Support Continuous Improvement in Educator Preparation Programs (Paper Code: 2021-4264-AJE Uploaded on 18 May 2021)
  31. Role of Social Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (SESOs) in Supporting the Educational Creative Initiatives in Jordan: Analytical Survey Report (Paper Code: 2021-4263-AJE Uploaded on 18 May 2021)
  32. The Investigation of Middle School Students’ Entrepreneurial Skills in Terms of Entrepreneurship-Based STEM Education: A Mixed Method Study  (Paper Code: 2021-4256-AJE Uploaded on 17 May 2021)
  33. Reflection and its Influence on Teaching and Learning: Applying Reflective Practices in a University Environment (Paper Code: 2021-4248-AJE-CBC Uploaded on 12 May 2021)
  34. Genesis of Routines: Mathematical Discourses on the Equal Sign and Variable through Commognitive Perspective (Paper Code: 2021-4163-AJE Uploaded on 7 May 2021)
  35. The Mediation Effect of the Organizational Support and Communication Skills to the Job Satisfaction in the Learning Organizations (Paper Code: 2021-4227-AJE Uploaded on 29 April 2021)
  36. Online Surveillance and Education for Digital Competence (Paper Code: 2021-4208-AJE Uploaded on 22 April 2021)
  37. Private University Governance and Management in Developing Countries (Paper Code: 2021-4207-AJE Uploaded on 22 April 2021)
  38. Preconditions for Tolerance Development at Higher Educational Institution (Paper Code: 2021-4206-AJE Uploaded on 22 April 2021)
  39. Didactic Connection between Spreadsheet and Teaching Programming (Paper Code: 2021-4202-AJE Uploaded on 19 April 2021)
  40. Moral Taste and Moral Education – An Interview Study (Paper Code: 2021-4199-AJE Uploaded on 19 April 2021)
  41. A Development, Validity and Realibility of a Safe Social Networking Scale (Paper Code: 2021-4188-AJE Uploaded on 12 April 2021)
  42. Content Analysis of the Studies Examining the Opinions of Teachers and Teacher Candidates on STEM Education (Paper Code: 2021-4182-AJE Uploaded on 8 April 2021)
  43. Multilingual language policy in South African schools through the lens of the rights-based approach (Paper Code: 2021-4175-AJE on 6 April 2021)
  44. National Identity and Neighbour Country Perceptions of Pre-Service Social Studies Teachers (Turkish Case) (Paper Code: 2021-4152-AJE  Uploaded on 17 March 2021)
  45. The Effect of Nutrition Educational Programs on the Composition of Home Prepared Children’s Breakfasts (Paper Code: 2021-4151-AJE  Uploaded on 17 March 2021)
  46. The Role of Self-Efficacy and Educational Beliefs in Democratic Values: The Case of Turkish Pre-Service Teachers (Paper Code: 2021-4150-AJE  Uploaded on 16 March 2021)
  47. Distance Education Experiences of Teacher-Parents during The Covid-19 (Paper Code: 2021-4145-AJE  Uploaded on 9 March 2021)
  48. What are the Expectations of Primary School Teachers from Instructional Leaders during the Distance Education Period? (Paper Code: 2021-4137-AJE  Uploaded on 2 March 2021)
  49. The D-Learning Alternative during Covid-19 Crisis: A Preliminary Evaluation Based on Kirkpatrick’s Model  (Paper Code: 2021-4135-AJE  Uploaded on 2 March 2021)
  50. Queen of the Mountain: It’s all about Type (Paper Code: 2021-4115-AJE Uploaded on 15 February 2021)
  51. Diagnosis of 9th Grade Students’ Knowledge of Biotic Factors Acquired in the Process of Instruction in Biology and Health Education (Paper Code: 2021-4110-AJE Uploaded on 11 February 2021)
  52. Essential Components of the Miller’s theory of Soulful Curriculum (Paper Code: 2021-4108-AJE Uploaded on 10 February 2021)
  53. Overlooked Structures in Education Participation Patterns; A Consideration for Redesigning (Paper Code: 2021-4105-AJE Uploaded on 3 February 2021)
  54. Conscious Intra-personal Development: The Experience Counts (Paper Code: 2021-4104-AJE Uploaded on 2 February 2021)
  55. Study on Factors Affected English Acquisition of Chinese Minority Students Majored in Nursing in a Blended Learning Environment (Paper Code: 2021-4088-AJE Uploaded on 2 February 2021)
  56. Effectiveness of a Brain Science-Based Education Program for Improving Learning Capacity of Underachieving College Students (Paper Code: 2021-4097-AJE Uploaded on 25 January 2021)
  57. Investigating the Effectiveness of Reflective Teaching Activities in Secondary English Classes (Paper Code: 2021-4095-AJE Uploaded on 25 January 2021)
  58. Interaction between Students and Mathematical Contents in Learning Mathematics (Paper Code: 2021-4089-AJE Uploaded on 24 January 2021)
  59. Preschool Teacher Candidates’ Ability to Design STEM-Focused Activities and Attitudes towards STEM (Paper Code: 2021-4082-AJE Uploaded on 19 January 2021)
  60. An Examination of Factors Predicting the Academic Success of Undergraduate Second-Language Learners in the United Arab Emirates (Paper Code: 2020-4072-AJE Uploaded on 11 January 2021)
  61. Problem of Surface Waves on Water in Higher School Laboratory Workshop (Paper Code: 2020-3952-AJE Uploaded on 7 January 2021)
  62. The Integration of the Digital Platform Educaplay in Interdisciplinary Paths in the 1st and 2nd CEB (Paper Code: 2020-3992-AJE Uploaded on 7 January 2021)
  63. Revisiting the Language Factor in Education in  Nigeria: The Peculiar Case of Simultaneous Bilinguals  and Asymmetric Bilinguals (Paper Code: 2020-4056-AJE Uploaded on 23 December 2020)
  64. Relationship between Mental Health and Teaching Efficacy of Junior High School Teachers of Ethnic Minorities in Mainland China: The Moderating Effects of Emotional Labor and Ethnics (Paper Code: 2020-4054-AJE Uploaded on 21 December 2020)
  65. Evaluation of TALIS 2018 Results in the Context  of Professional Development: Turkey Sample (Paper Code: 2020-4035-AJE Uploaded on 25 November 2020)
  66. Music Class and Abuse (Paper Code: 2020-4024-AJE Uploaded on 17 November 2020)
  67. Diffusion of High Impact Educational Practices at a Saudi University (Paper Code: 2020-3933-AJE Uploaded on 27 October 2020)
  68. Communication Skills Course Syllabi in Tanzanian Universities: Saliencies, Omissions and Gaps (Paper Code: 2020-3932-AJE Uploaded on 27 October 2020)
  69. Incorporating Movie Clips to Validate Learning: A Students’ Assessment (Paper Code: 2020-3930-AJE Uploaded on 27 October 2020)
  70. Impact of Emotions on the Academic Achievement of Children between Ages 12-14 Years (Paper Code: 2020-3897-AJE Uploaded on 27 October 2020)
  71. On the Instruction of English Grammar: The Place of Intervention Tests (Paper Code: 2020-3863-AJE Uploaded on 27 October 2020)
  72. Teacher Training Process in the United States of America (Paper Code: 2020-3856-AJΕ Uploaded on 27 October 2020)
  73. Turkish Young Adult Learners of English with Special Educational Needs in Turkey: A Critical and Descriptive Case Study (Paper Code: 2020-3825-AJE Uploaded on 27 October 2020)
  74. Mask Usage and Drama Teacher understanding in Australia (Paper Code: 2020-3859-AJΕ Uploaded on 30 July 2020)
  75. Study in the Czech Republic and Internship Abroad: How to make Student Mobility More Effective (Paper Code: 2020-3853-AJE Uploaded on 24 July 2020)
  76. The Impact of the Training in “Body Language and Public Speaking” at the End of the Initial Training of Physical Education Teachers on the Disruptive Behavior of Students During the Work Life Preparation Traineeship. (Paper Code: 2020-3842-AJE Uploaded on 21 July 2020)
  77. Studies about Individual Life Structure Conducted between 2000 and 2017: A Meta-Synthesis Study (Paper Code: 2020-3771-AJE Uploaded on 25 June 2020)
  78. Infinity: A Number or not a Number? Definitions and Images for the “Infinity” Concept (Paper Code: 2020-3770-AJE Uploaded on 25 June 2020)
  79. Learning Needs of Primary Schools Teachers in First Aid (Paper Code: 2020-3756-AJE Uploaded on 25 June 2020)
  80. Management of Engineering Faculties in Germany and its Influence on Teaching and Research (Paper Code: 2020-3746-AJE Uploaded on 25 June 2020)
  81. Predicting the Mathematical Abstraction Processes of 7th Graders Using the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy (Paper Code: 2020-3725-AJE Uploaded on 28 May 2020)
  82. The Impact of a University Literacy Festival on Title I School Partners (Paper Code: 2020-3671-AJE-EDU Uploaded on 15 May 2020)
  83. Mathematical Language of Students with Learning Disabilities in the Context of Length (Paper Code: 2020-3653-AJE Uploaded on 07 May 2020)
  84. The Academic Achievements and School Life Interactions of the Recently Arrived Refugee Children in the Greek Primary Schools: Teachers’ Perspectives (Paper Code: 2020-3652-AJE-EDU Uploaded on 22 April 2020)
  85. On How Religious Education Teachers Address the Sometimes Conflicting Tasks of Conveying Fundamental Values and Facilitating Critical Thinking (Paper Code: 2020-3650-AJE-EDU Uploaded on 22 April 2020)
  86. Who am I? Improvement and Development of Teacher Identity (Paper Code: 2020-3636-AJE Uploaded on 15 April 2020)
  87. Is Personality Related to Risks Associated with Smartphones? (Paper Code: 2020-3629-AJE Uploaded on 15 April 2020)
  88. Facts influence College Students’ Reading Motivation (Paper Code: 2020-3560-AJE Uploaded on 15 April 2020)
  89. Strengthening of Educational Practice through an Andragogic Model Profile (Paper Code: 2020-3606-AJE Uploaded on 26 March 2020)
  90. Teachers’ moral evaluation of students in an inclusive secondary school: A study of minority students’ behaviour and school performance (Paper Code: 2020-3601-AJE Uploaded on 26 March 2020)
  91. The Effect of the Using Learning Objects in the Teaching of the Definite Integral and Evaluation of the Teaching Process According to the Thoughts of the Students (Paper Code: 2020-3598-AJE Uploaded on 26 March 2020)
  92. Entrepreneurial Intentions Among Undergraduate Students at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman (Paper Code: 2020-3573-AJE Uploaded on 26 March 2020)
  93. Assessment of the Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives of the University, College and Department Degree Programs: A Management Protocol for Quality Assurance (Paper Code: 2020-3564-AJE Uploaded on 26 March 2020)
  94. Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) based Instruction and Physics Performance (Paper Code: 2020-3549-AJE Uploaded on 26 March 2020)
  95. Creative Cognition and Science Motivation: Structural Equation Model (Paper Code: 2020-3530-AJE Uploaded on 26 March 2020)
  96. The Implementation of the Quality Process in Higher Education. A Critical Approach (Paper Code: 2020-3527-AJE-MDT Uploaded on 26 March 2020)
  97. The Administration of Heritage Language Schools in Multicultural Societies: The Case of the Hellenic School of Ottawa, Canada (Paper Code: 2020-3602-AJE Uploaded on 18 March 2020)
  98. On the Discourse of the Hysteric as a way to become a Teacher: A Case Study (Paper Code: 2020-3516-AJE-MDT Uploaded on 18 March 2020)
  99. Paint it, Petal by Petal (Paper Code: 2019-3465-AJE Uploaded on 18 March 2020)
  100. The Nymphet and the Adulteress (Paper Code: 2019-3464-AJE Uploaded on 18 March 2020)
  101. Cognitive Rigor: Augmenting Writing Skills in the EFL Classroom (Paper Code: 2019-2955-AJE Uploaded on 18 March 2020)
  102. Socio Pedagogical Educator in Italy (Paper Code: 2019-3474-AJE-EDU Uploaded on 4 December 2019)

The review process of the following papers has been completed
  1. Teaching the Sound Concept: A Review of Science and Physics Education Postgraduate Theses in Turkey (Paper Code: 2020-4055-AJE Uploaded on 23 December 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  2. Examination of the Relationships between Secondary School Students’ Social Media Attitudes, School Climate Perceptions and Levels of Alienation (Paper Code: 2020-4064-AJE Uploaded on 7 January 2021) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  3. Higher Teacher Education: Raising Awareness toward Constructing Teaching Philosophy Statements (Paper Code: 2020-4025-AJE Uploaded on 17 November 2020) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  4. Being a Young Dyslectic in Norwegian Secondary School (Paper Code: 2020-3993-AJE Uploaded on 7 January 2021) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  5. The Effectiveness of Phonological Awareness Training in Treating Deficiencies in Auditory Processing Among Children with Learning Disabilities (Paper Code: 2020-3953-AJE Uploaded on 7 January 2021) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  6. Ethical Leadership and Staff Innovative Behaviour in Nigeria (Paper Code: 2020-3927-AJΕ Uploaded on 7 January 2021) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  7. The Importance of teaching ESP for Scientific Students (Paper Code: 2020-3819-AJE-LNG Uploaded on 7 January 2021) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  8. The Relation between the Teaching of Mathematics and the Teaching of Statistics in the South African Context (Paper Code: 2020-3796-AJE-STA Uploaded on 7 January 2021) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  9. An Analysis of the Ideal Qualities that Unıversıty Students Look for in their Peer (Paper Code: 2020-4051-AJE Uploaded on 15 December 2020) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  10. Effect of Flipped Classroom Methodology on Listening Comprehension Skills of 6th Grade Students (Paper Code: 2019-3398-AJE Uploaded on 22 November 2019) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  11. Different views? The experiences of International students studying HE in three non-university settings (Paper Code: 2019-3391-AJE Uploaded on 22 November 2019)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  12. Service Learning: a Philosophy and Practice to Re-frame Higher Education (Paper Code: 2019-3384-AJE-COLEDU Uploaded on 22 November 2019)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  13. An Evaluation Constructivist Approach in High School Teaching Process: A Scale Development and Validation (Paper Code: 2019-2019-3363-AJE-AJE Uploaded on 22 November 2019)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  14. Understanding How Leadership Matters: Collective Efficacy and Student Achievement (Paper Code: 2019-3189-AJE Uploaded on 22 November 2019)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  15. The Effect of Various Learning Approaches on Mathematical Learning Outcomes based on the Multiple Intelligences of Students (Paper Code: 2020-4028-AJE Uploaded on 17 November 2020) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  16. Case Report: The impact of Online Forum Use on Student Retention in a Level 1 Distance Learning Module (Paper Code: 2020-3962-AJE Uploaded on 27 October 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  17. Pedagogical Science Practices in Public Higher Education Institutions of Ethiopia: Progresses Made but Challenges Remain (Paper Code: 2020-3961-AJE Uploaded on 27 October 2020) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  18. “Our organization deals with people, not with products”: Perceptions of school organizational patterns (Paper Code: 2020-3666-AJE Uploaded on 25 June 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  19. On the Relationship between Translation Competence and Higher-order Thinking Skills of Novice Translators (Paper Code: 2020-3722-AJE Uploaded on 5 June 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  20. Designing Online Learning Environment: ICT Tools and Teaching Strategies (Paper Code: 2020-3706-AJE Uploaded on 21 May 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  21. Comparison between the Grammar of Greek Sappic and Tamil Seppal Songs (Paper Code: 2020-3558-AJE-LNG Uploaded on 24 April 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  22. Ethics Teaching in Education for Sustainable Development (Paper Code: 2020-3651-AJE-EDU Uploaded on 22 April 2020) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  23. Mathematics Teachers’ Pedagogical Content Knowledge Involving the Relationships between Perimeter and Area (Paper Code: 2020-3649-AJE Uploaded on 22 April 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  24. The Role of Authentic School Leaders in Promoting Teachers’ Well-Being: Perceptions of Israeli Teachers (Paper Code: 2020-3647-AJE Uploaded on 22 April 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  25. Geometric Knowledge: Learning To Think Complexly The Notion Of ‘Riemann Curvature Tensor’ (Paper Code: 2020-3645-EDU Uploaded on 22 April 2020) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  26. Omani EFL Teachers’ Views about Participatory Professional Development (Paper Code: 2020-3641-AJE Uploaded on 22 April 2020) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  27. The Effect of Middle School Mathematics Teachers’ Self- Efficacy and Leadership Styles on Students’ Mathematical Achievement and Their Attitudes Toward Mathemat (Paper Code: 2020-3640-AJE Uploaded on 22 April 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  28. Effectiveness of the Big Math for Little Kids Program on the Early Mathematics Skills of Children with Risk Group (Paper Code: 2020-3612-AJE Uploaded on 26 March 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  29. The Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Learning on Middle School Students’ Reasoning Skill in Mathematics Education (Paper Code: 2020-3607-AJE Uploaded on 26 March 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  30. Marginalisation and Ethnic Identity Politics in Schools: A Challenge for School Leadership in Botswana (Paper Code: 2020-3565-AJE Uploaded on 26 March 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  31. Teaching Astronomy in Kindergarten: Children’s Perceptions and Projects (Paper Code: 2020-3507-AJE-EDU Uploaded on 18 March 2020)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  32. Secure Internet Use in Information Technologies and Software Course Textbooks at Primary and Secondary Schools (Paper Code: 2019-3494-AJE Uploaded on 24 December 2019)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  33. How Curriculum Developers’ Pedagogical Beliefs Shape the Implementation of the Reform-Oriented Curriculum (Paper Code: 2019-3458-AJE Uploaded on 25 November 2019) –BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  34. Early Childhood Education and Instructional Ecology: A Vygotskian Approach in Teaching Early Childhood Social Studies (Paper Code: 2019-3448-AJE Uploaded on 22 November 2019)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED
  35. Cognitive and Metacognitive Skills on Number Theory in the Proving Process of Math Teachers (Paper Code: 2019-3447-AJE Uploaded on 22 November 2019)-BLIND REVIEW COMPLETED