Athens Journal of Education
Volume 10, Issue 2, May 2023
DOI: 10.30958/aje_v10i2

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The Autonomous Acquisition of Transversal Competencies by Primary School Children through the Use of Pedagogical Scenarios
Daniel Bosmans, Françoise Casciotta & Vincent Fivaz
Is Distance Education Fun? The Implications of Undergraduates’ Epistemological Beliefs for Improving Their Engagement and Satisfaction with Online Learning
Kieron Sheehy, Abigail Mclanachan, Ale Okada, Mimi Tatlow-Golden & Stephen Harrison
Using Teacher Presence in Online Higher Education to Foster Global Citizenship among Adult Learners
Tanya M. Tarbutton & Lori B. Doyle
Assessment of Distance Learning Practices during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Grades K-12
Ebru Turan-Güntepe,Tuğçe Durmuş & Necla Dönmez-Usta
Reduction of Socio-economic Diversity through Standardisation of Language: Reflections and Challenges
Kevin Norley
Explaining the Low Enrollment Intention at International Universities in Indonesia: A Serial Mediation Study
Pranakusuma Sudhana, Noermijati, Ananda Sabil Hussein & Nur Khusniyah Indrawati
Relationship Between Career Interest and Career Decision-Making of Grade 12 Learners in Township Secondary Schools in South Africa
Oluwakemi B Ajayi, Moeniera Moosa & Peter JO Aloka
A Comparative Review of Education Policy in Brazil and South Africa: Divergent Trends in Inequality
David James De Villiers & Alethea Cassandra De Villiers
Addressing Teacher Retention within the First Three to Five Years of Employment
Paticia Cells, Lou L. Sabina, Deb Touchton, Rajni Shankar-Brown & Kiara L. Sabina
The Effectiveness of Augmented Reality in Improving Students Motivation: An Experimental Study
Malek Jdaitawi, Fatima Muhaidat, Ayat Alsharoa, Abeer Alshlowi, Marwa Torki & Mona Abdelmoneim

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