Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Health and Medical Sciences

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Shahid Ali, Wares Uddin, Gupta Siddharth & Rajesh Sah: A Research Study on Comparison of Prevalence and Outcome of Maxillofacial Odontogenic Space Infection between Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Patient Available online 28 November 2023
  2. Georgi Stoyanov: Human-Centered Residential Architecture in the Post-COVID Era: Exploring Developments and Significance Available online 16 November 2023
  3. Mukta Mukherjee & Arunesh Ray: Catching Cab – An Act of Fear or Compulsion? Empirical Study based on Online APP Cabs in India during COVID-19 Pandemic Available online 6 October 2023