Athens Journal of Health and Medical Sciences
 Volume 10, Issue 3, September 2023
DOI: 10.30958/ajhms_v10i3

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Physical Activity for the Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain
Ingrid Brenner, Alex Jalsevac & Kirsten Woodend
A Case Study of a Pilot Smart Home Monitoring System with Older Adults Living Alone in East Midlands
Bertha MN Ochieng, Ismail Chaudhry, Carol Chamley, Dewy Nijhof, Rebecca Ochieng, Louise Rogerson, Richard Wong & Rishabh Prasad
Behavioral and Emotional Problems among School Children in Tripoli, Libya: What Impact does it have on Community Public Health?
Adel M. Zeglam & Najah S. Wahra
Examining the Most Important Factors Affecting the Egyptian Family’s Choice of the Ideal Number of Children in the Light of the 2015 Demographic and Health Survey
Mohamed Elkhouli

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