Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Mark Stone: Plato, Environmental Sustainability, and Social Justice Available online 17 November 2017
  2. Susanna Saracco: The Symposium and the Role of Literature for Epistemic Development Available online 24 October 2017
  3. Theodore G. Zervas & Isaias Rivera:  “Turning the Soul”: An Investigation of Georgios Gemistos Plethonʼs Teaching Methods and Educational Philosophy Available online 16 October 2017
  4. Aleksandra Tryniecka: “Adaptation” or “Appropriation”: Re-narrating the Victorian Past as an Ethical Decision Available online 23 August 2017
  5. Abdurrazzaq Hesamifar & Ali Naqi Baqershahi: Intellect in Alexander of Aphrodisias and Its Impact Upon Muslim Philosophers Available online 17 August 2017
  6. Richard McDonough: Wittgensteinʼs and Borgesʼ Labyrinth-Imagery Available online 27 July 2017
  7. David Z. Kushner:  Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978): A Retrospective Available online 7 June 2017
  8. Victoria Clebanov & Bennett Kravitz: Gaze of the Medusa: The Defeat of Hillary Clinton  Available online 1 June 2017
  9. Franco Scalenghe: The Dramatic Difference Between Epictetus and other Stoics in the Frequency of Use of the Terms “Hegemonic” and “Proairesis” Available online 21 April 2017
  10. Anila R. Scott-Monkhouse: Assessing the Legal English Skills of Italian Lawyers in a Perspective of Lifelong Learning – The EFLIT End-of-course Exam and University Testing: An Attempt to Cater for Real World Needs  Available online 3 March 2017
  11. Sidney Homan: The Threepenny Opera: A Directorʼs Take on an Unconventional Musical Available online 16 February 2017
  12. Mary Ellen Haupert: Weaving Words and Music: Fostering a Meaningful Intercultural Exchange through Music Composition Available online 1 February 2017
  13. Jonathan Needham: And a Hero Will Save Us; What Do Heroes from Ancient and Medieval Epics Teach Us in the 21st Century? Available online 24 January 2017
  14. John Maune:  Revealing Tells, Bawdy and Otherwise, in Coriolanus Available online 20 January 2017
  15. Albrecht Classen: The Human Quest for Happiness and Meaning: Old and New Perspectives. Religious, Philosophical, and Literary Reflections from the Past as a Platform for Our Future – St. Augustine, Boethius, and Gautier de Coincy Available online 11 January 2017
  16. Heather Roffe Wiktorski: Signifying Women – Politics of Gesture in Three Modern Dance Pioneers Available online 8 November 2016
  17. Ezgi Gökçe: Iznik Ceramics: History and Present-Day Available online 29 November 2016