Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Irena Kossowska: The Syndrome of an Emigrant: Memory, Trauma, Longing, and Loss in the Art of Józef Czapski Available online 20 September 2023
  2. Alexandra Massini: The Method in the Madness: Dionysus in the Arts of the Modern Era Available online 13 September 2023
  3. William O’Meara: Joseph Fletcher on Agapeic Love: An Evaluation Available online 13 April 2023
  4. Esthy Kravitz-Lurie: ‘L celeste e ‘l vulgare Amore instituiti da Platone:’ Bellori’s Interpretation of Annibale Carracci’s Theme of Love in the Farnese Gallery Available online 4 April 2023
  5. Thomas Bisiani & Vittoria Umani: Geography, Infrastructure and Architecture: From the Immaterial Scenes of the Arts to the Physical Space of the American City Available online 21 February 2023
  6. Ernesto Carlos Pujazon Patron, Chong Choon Woon & Jose Domingo Elias Arcelles: The Judgment of Taste and the Formalism Undertaking in the Arts Available online 15 February 2023
  7. Nancy C. Jones: Betty Shamieh’s The Black Eyed: An Arab-American Woman Playwright Inverts and Subverts Orientalism Available online 3 February 2023
  8. Ranko Kozić: Philosophical plasma in Dio Chrysostom’s Fourth Discourse on Kingship and Socrates’ Political Testament in Alcibiades Available online 31 October 2022
  9. Juan Ramón García Carretero & Juan Antonio Martín Ruiz: Zoomorphic Askos from Beatas Street Necropolis Preserved in the Museum of Malaga in Spain Available online 25 September 2022
  10. Justyna Rusak: Alienation and Identity Crisis in the Apocalyptic World of Katherine Anne Porter Available online 19 September 2022
  11. Michael Steppat: The African Imprint in Shakespeare Available online 14 September 2022
  12. Albrecht Classen: The Ambraser Heldenbuch – A Major Compilation of Middle High German Narrative Poetry for Posterity Habsburg, German, or Austrian? Available online 5 April 2022