Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Humanities & Arts

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Marta Miquel-Baldellou: Revisiting Suburban Gothic Narratives: Intertextualities, Gender, and the Invisible Trope of Old Age in The Stepford Wives and Edward Scissorhands Available online 8 July 2024
  2. Mark Konewko: How a Virtual Choir Enhances Social Capital Available online 27June 2024
  3. Dion Malcolm Eaby-Lomas: “Amapiano to the World”: A Movement in Afrodiasporic Space Available online 18 June 2024
  4. Ranko Kozic: Symbols, Enigmas, Political Allusions and the Legend of Socrates in Dio Chrysostom’s Olympic Discourse Available online 7 June 2024
  5. Maria José Ferreira Lopes: A New Take on the Wrath of the Aeacids in a 21st Century Portuguese Rewriting of Trojan Women Available online 15 May 2024
  6. Phil Kafcaloudes: Going English: Anglicisation of Family Names in Greek Migrant Communities in Australia Available online 8 April 2024
  7. Hadeel Azhar: Challenging Social Boundaries in the Poetry of Thuraya Al Arrayed Available online 5 April 2024
  8. Sakhiseni Yende: Cultural-Historical Activity Theory in Examining Creative Arts as an Anti-Bullying Strategy in South African Public Schools Available online 28 March 2024
  9. Steven M. Oberhelman: The Arts and Humanities Degree: Value and Benefits Available online 27 March 2024
  10. Richard Goranowski: Abuse of Criticism:  T.S. Eliot and Northrop Frye’s Academic Ramp-up to “Fake News” Available online 19 March 2024
  11. Sanja Ivic: The Dynamic Nature of European Identity Available online 12 March 2024
  12. Esin Berktaş: The Relationship of the Urartian Material Culture with the Modern Armenian Artworks Available online 12 March 2024
  13. Tshilidzi Knowles Khangala: An Analysis of South Africa’s Constitutional and UNCRC-imposed Obligations to Achieve Children’s Socio-economic Rights: A Critique Available online 20 February 2024