Athens Journal of
Mass Media and Communications
Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2024
DOI: 10.30958/ajmmc/v10i1

Table of Contents
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Front Pagesi-viii
The Diffusion Speed of Good vs. Bad News in Geopolitics
Stephan Unger & Jacob Akey
Deliberating Issues or Discharging Feelings? A Closer Look at “Below-the-Line” Reader Comments on the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands Dispute
Jin Yang
Russia’s War in Ukraine and Media Solidarity (Case of Georgia)
Mariam Gersamia, Ekatherine Gigauri, Salome Mamasakhlisi, Mikheil Bodokia & Mariam Nakoevi
Communication Apprehension among the Communication Students of Bangladesh
Md. Motiur Rahman & Farzana Tasnim Pinky

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