Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Philology

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Tikva Zadok: The Temporal Adverb crēbrō as Compared to crēbrius and crēberrimē in the Tacitean Corpora Available online 5 April 2024  
  2. Ana Paula Couceiro Figueira, Cátia Santos & Celia Ribeiro: Understanding Metaphors: A Study with Portuguese 4-6 Year-old Children Available online 15 March 2024  
  3. Natalya Davidko: Allegorical Representations of Tudor Princes Available online 15 March 2024
  4. Ana Paula Couceiro Figueira & Beatriz Marques: Understanding Metaphors: Preliminary Results with Children 9-14 Years Old Available online 15 March 2024
  5. Keilah Gerber & Marina Mortoza:  Translation and Memory from the Cremation Ovens in Poland to Freedom in Greece and the US: The Journey and the Manuscripts of Marcel Nadjary Available online 18 February 2024
  6. Justine Bakuuro: In the Belly of Text Complexity: Unravelling the Nexus between Lexical Density and Readability Available online 8 February 2024