Athens Journal of Politics & International Affairs
Papers Under Review

This list includes papers that have been accepted by the Editors of the AJPIA (desk accepted) and have been sent out for blind review. However, ATINER has decided to upload the submitted paper so that Academics and Researchers are more than welcomed to provide comments about these papers. This unique reviewing process serves the following purposes (a) transparency of the review process; (b) academics other the designated blind reviewers have the opportunity to read, learn and comment on a paper before it is published; (c) the authors benefit from more than the two comments normally provided by a standard reviewing process and (d) papers are checked for true originality before they are published. Please note that comments will be accepted up to two months from the uploaded date of the paper. You can send the comments using the referee report available here.

  1. The Role of International Non-Governmental Organizations (Ingos) on State Compliance with Environmental Regulations: A Critical Analysis (Paper Code: 2024-5950-AJPIA-POL on 15 May 2024)
  2. Human Rights between Non-governability and Political Culture – A New Paradigm in Human Rights Analysis (Paper Code: 2024-5906-AJPIA Uploaded on 29 April 2024)
  3. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries Humanitarian Aid to West Africa: Geopolitics, Religion and Public Diplomacy (Paper Code: 2024-5803-AJPIA-POL Uploaded on 18 February 2024) –PAPER UPLOADED
  4. Plus Ça Change: The Politics of Alterity, and Italian and Maltese Responses to Recent Migration Challenges (Paper Code: 2024-5779-AJPIA Uploaded on 5 February 2024)