Athens Journal of Sciences

Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2017

Table of Contents
President's Message5
A Highly Quantitative Multi-Well Format Assay for Studying the Effect of Extracellular Matrix Mechanics on the Bacterial
Effie Bastounis & Julie A. Theriot
Feasibility on the Use of Acid Value for Evidencing the Esterification of Glycerol with Caprylic Acid Catalyzed by Lipase
Michele Vitolo, Juliana Neves Rodrigues Ract & Sara Anunciação Braga Guebara
The Potencial of Campomanesia phaea O. Berg Landrum (Cambuci) as Natural Source of Vitamin C
Marcelo Machado Leao, Giovanna Fachini Dellaqua, Marcos David Ferreira, Silviane Zanni Hubinger, Marcia Ortiz Mayo Marques & Marta Helena Filet Spoto
Removal of Zinc from Water by Adsorpion on Bentonite and Kaolin
Manal Larakeb, Leila Youcef & Samia Achour

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