Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Sciences

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Jeremiah J. Davie: Development and Initial Characterization of a Staphylococcus Collection Obtained from Healthy Student Volunteers Available online 13 March 2017
  2. Rafaela Vasiliadou: Electrochemistry of Eugenol and its Metabolism on a Bare Screen-Printed Electrode Available online 7 March 2017
  3. Ahmed Rashid Alyami: Occupational Exposure Assessment to Gasoline Vapours under Various Conditions at Public Gasoline Stations Available online 24 January 2017
  4. Batric Pesic: Transport of Chloride Ions Evaluation through Modulated Concrete Microstructures Available online 20 January 2017
  5. Svetlana Burtseva, Maxim Byrsa, Iulia Bereziuk & Nicola Sasanelli: Biological Activity of Streptomycetes Isolates from Soils of R. Moldova Available online 18 January 2017
  6. El Mouatassime Sabri, Ahmed Boukdir, Rachid El Meslouhi, Mustapha Mabrouki,  Abdallah El Mahboul, Vivien Romaric Ekouele Mbaki, Abdelhamid Zitouni, Wissal Baite & Zhour Echakraoui:  Predicting Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield in Oued El Abid Watershed, Morocco Available online 2 January 2017
  7. Efthymia Eleni Tsioutsiou, Elisabetta Miraldi, Paolo Governa, Marco Biagi, Paolo Giordani & Laura Cornara: Skin Wound Healing: From Mediterranean Ethnobotany to Evidence based Phytotherapy Available online 21 December 2016
  8. Zehra Bozkurt, Fatih Taspinar, Beyhan Pekey, Hakan Pekey, Ozlem Ozden Uzmez, Tuncay Dogeroglu & Eftade O. Gaga: Mass Concentrations and Elemental Compositions of PM10 in Duzce, Turkey Available online 20 December 2016
  9. Bruno Osorio, Nick McCullen,Ian Walker & David Coley: Understanding the Relationship between Energy Consumption and Urban Form Available online 30 November 2016
  10. Ana Perić & Bernd Scholl:  Transnational Cooperation in Europe: The Example of Integrated Spatial and Transport Development along the Hamburg-Athens Corridor Available online 24 November 2016
  11. Mostafa Essam Eissa: Determination of the Microbiological Quality of Feed City Water to Pharmaceutical Facility: Distribution Study and Statistical Analysis Available online 4 November 2016