Athens Journal of Sports
Volume 7, Issue 2, June 2020
DOI: 10.30958/ajspo/v7i2

Table of Contents
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Front Pagesi-viii
Empirical Mysteries of the 2016-17 NBA Regular Season
Thomas M. Fullerton, Jr., James H. Holcomb & Michael L. Jaeger
Careers in Participant Sport and Other Free Time Activities during Youth and Young Adulthood in South and East Mediterranean Countries
Ken Roberts, Siyka Kovacheva & Stanimir Kabaivanov
Technology Enhanced Sports Spectators Customer Experiences: Measuring and Identifying Impact of Mobile Applications on Sports Spectators Customer Experiences
Ekaterina Glebova & Michel Desbordes
Free Time Activities of High School Students: Sports or Video Games?
Ildikó Balatoni, Henrietta Szépné Varga & László Csernoch

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