Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Social Sciences

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Fulya Ereker & Utku Özer: Crimea in Turkish-Russian Relations: Identity, Discourse, or Interdependence? Available online 18 April 2018
  2. Jun Mitarai & Naphasinee Suebsuk: Research on a Nationwide Area-Based Management Survey in Japan Available online 17 April 2018
  3. Marco Carradore: A Synthetic Indicator to Measure Social Capital in the Different Italian Regions: A Before and After Comparison of the Economic Crisis Available online 15 February 2018
  4. Carmencita P. Del Villar: Link between Successful Aging and Selected Communication-demographic Characteristics of Filipino Elders Available online 15 February 2018
  5. Paolo Sommaggio, Alvise Schiavon and Marco Mazzocca: Educate through Debate. The Project “A Suon di Parole” Available online 13 February 2018
  6. L. Jan Reid: Has the Brexit Vote Affected the United Kingdom’s Largest Trading Partners? Available online 7 February 2018
  7. Mike Sosteric: Mystical Experience and Global Revolution Available online 19 December 2017