Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of Social Sciences

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. David Makofsky, Bayram Unal & Maimaitijiang Abudugayiti: Social Class and Islamic Identity: Chinese Uyghur Students and Working Class in Turkey Available online 29 November 2018
  2. Margaret Ivy Amoakohene, Marquita Smith & Gilbert K. M. Tietaah: Intimate Partner Violence Impacts University Students in Ghana Available online 12 November 2018
  3. L. Jan Reid: Why Insurgent Campaigns Rarely Win the Democratic Presidential Primary in the United States Available online 2 November 2018
  4. Fiorenzo Parziale & Sandra Vatrella: Education and Universalism in Europe: When Education Supports Democracy Available online 25 October 2018
  5. Maria-Irini Avgoulas & Rebecca Fanany: The Symbolic Meaning of Greek Dancing in Diaspora Available online 24 October 2018
  6. Hannele Laaksonen, Pirkko Kivinen & Lasse Lehmuskoski: A Cooperative and Dialogic Development Increases Well-being at Work Available online 17 October 2018
  7. Angela Delli Paoli & Felice Addeo: Assessing SDGs: A Methodology to Measure Sustainability Available online 15 October 2018
  8. Getrude Cosmas, Agnis Sombuling, Ben Anderson AK Melai & Andrew Poninting: Does the Possession of a Kadazandusun Traditional Costume and the Capability to Play a Traditional Musical Instrument Differentiate an Individual’s Identity Orientation? Available online 5 October 2018
  9. Richard D. Christy: Gender, Race, and Male Privilege in Post- Modern Society Available online 2 October 2018
  10. Monir F. Morgan: The Psychological Impact of Discrimination on the Mental Health of Egyptian Christian Students Available online 12 September 2018
  11. Judy L. Porter, Laverne Mcquiller Williams & Kristy Love: Interaction of Auditory Status, Child Maltreatment, and Victimization of Intimate Partner Violence Available online 3 September 2018