Forthcoming Papers of the
Athens Journal of
Technology & Engineering

The following papers have been reviewed, revised and accepted for publication. They will appear in one of the forthcoming issues of the Journal:

  1. Elena Roibas-Millan, José Miguel Álvarez-Romero, Sergio Marín-Coca, Ángel Porras-Hermoso, Javier Pérez-Álvarez, Javier Cubas & Santiago Pindado: The UPMQube: An Academic/Educational PocketQube Proposal for the EU2Space Challenge Available online 26 January 2023
  2. Muhammad Bin Abubakr Joolfoo & Mussawir Ahmad Hosany: Machine Learning Solutions in Combating COVID-19: State of the Art and Challenges Available online 26 January 2023
  3. Ildikó Holik & István Dániel Sanda: The Possibilities of Developing STEM Skills in Higher Education Available online 20 January 2023
  4. Indrit Enesi & Anduel Kuqi: Evaluation of the 3D Reconstruction Performance of Objects in Meshroom: A Case Study Available online 20 January 2023