Academic Journal/Series
1Dr. Nicolas Abatzoglou, Head, Environment Research Unit, ATINER & Professor, Department of Chemical & Biotechnological Engineering, University of Sherbrook, Canada, Chair Pfizer, PAT in Pharmaceutical Engineering, Director GREEN-TPV and GRTP-C & Pwelcomes.
Athens Journal of Sciences
2Dr. Dan Albertson, Academic Member, ATINER & Associate Professor, University of Alabama, USA.Athens Journal of
Mass Media & Communications
3Dr. Christos Anagnostopoulos, Head, Sports Research Unit, ATINER, Associate Professor, Molde University College, Norway, & Associate Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus.Athens Journal of Sports
4Dr. Douglas E. Angus, Full Professor, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, Canada.Athens Journal of Health
5Dr. Stephen Andrew Arbury, Head, Visual and Performing Arts Research Unit, ATINER, Professor of Art History & Director of the RU Art Museum, Radford University, USA. Athens Journal of
Humanities & Arts
6Dr. Thomas Attard, Head, Civil Engineering Research Unit, ATINER & Associate Professor, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.Athens Journal of
Technology & Engineering
7Dr. Zoe Boutsioli, Director, Health Sciences Research Division, ATINER, Greece. Athens Journal of Health
8Dr. Ellene Tratras Contis, Head, Chemistry Research Unit, ATINER & Professor of Chemistry, Eastern Michigan University, USA.Athens Journal of Sciences
9Dr. Paul Contoyannis, Head, Health Economics and Management Research Unit, ATINER & Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Economics, McMaster University, Canada.Athens Journal of Health
10Dr. David A. Frenkel, Head, Law Research Unit, ATINER and Emeritus Professor, Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, and School of Law, Carmel Academic Centre, Haifa, Israel.Athens Journal of Law
11Dr. Marina Stefania Giannakaki, Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast, UK.Athens Journal of Education
12Dr. Giorgio Graffi, Professor Emeritus, University of Verona, Italy.Athens Journal of Philology
13Dr. Patricia Hanna, Head, Philosophy Research Unit of ATINER & Professor, University of Utah, USA.The Anthology of Philosophical Studies
14Dr. Christopher Janetopoulos, Head, Biology Research Unit, ATINER & Associate Professor, University of the Sciences, USA.Athens Journal of Sciences
15Dr. Valia Kasimati, Head, Tourism Research Unit, ATINER.Athens Journal of Tourism
16Dr. Maria Konstantaki, Academic Member of ATINER & Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition, Buckinghamshire New University, U.K.Athens Journal of Sports
17Dr. Alexander Makedon, Head, Education Research Unit, ATINER & Professor of Philosophy of Education.Athens Journal of Education
18Dr. Michael P. Malloy, Director, Business and Law Research Division, ATINER & Distinguished Professor & Scholar, University of the Pacific, USA.Athens Journal of Law
19Dr. Stamos Metzidakis, Head, Literature Research Unit & Professor, Washington University in Saint Louis, USA.Athens Journal of Philology
20Dr. Nikos Mourtos, Head, Mechanical Engineering Research Unit, ATINER & Professor, San Jose State University USA. Athens Journal of
Technology & Engineering
21Dr. Steven Oberhelman, Associate Dean and Jr. Professor of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University, USA.Athens Journal of History
22Dr. Gregory T. Papanikos, President, ATINER & Honorary Professor, University of Stirling, UK.Athens Journal of
Mediterranean Studies
23Dr. Yorgo Pasadeos, Head, Mass Media & Communication Research Unit, ATINER & Professor Emeritus, University of Alabama, USA.Athens Journal of
Mass Media & Communications
24Dr. Nicholas N. Patricios, Vice President of Strategic Planning & Analysis, ATINER and Professor & Dean Emeritus, School of Architecture, University of Miami, USA.Athens Journal of Architecture
25Dr. Panagiotis Petratos, Vice-President of Information Communications Technology, ATINER & Fellow, Institution of Engineering and Technology & Professor, Department of Computer Information Systems, California State University, Stanislaus, USA.Athens Journal of
Technology & Engineering
26Dr. Ethel Petrou, Academic Member, ATINER & Professor and Chair, Department of Physics, Erie Community College-South, State University of New York, USA.Athens Journal of Sciences
27Dr. Christos Sakellariou, Vice President of Administration and Finance, Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) & Associate Professor of Economics, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.Athens Journal of Business & Economics
28Dr. Virginia Sisiopiku, Head, Transportation Engineering Research Unit, ATINER & Associate Professor, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.Athens Journal of
Technology & Engineering
29Dr. Yannis Stivachtis, Director, Social Sciences Research Division, Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) & Director, International Studies Program Virginia Tech-Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, USA.Athens Journal of Social Sciences
Athens Journal of Mediterranean Studies
30Dr. Theodore Trafalis, Director, Engineering & Architecture Research Division, ATINER, Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering and Director, Optimization & Intelligent Systems Laboratory, The University of Oklahoma, USA.Athens Journal of
Technology & Engineering
31Dr. Apostolos Tsiachristas, Academic Member, ATINER & Senior Researcher, Health Economics Research Centre, Nuffield Dept. of Population Health, University of Oxford, UK.Athens Journal of Health
32Dr. Nektarios Tzempelikos, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Anglia Ruskin University, U.K.Athens Journal of Business & Economics
33Dr. Patrick Vyncke, Professor of Communication Management, Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University, Belgium.Athens Journal of
Mass Media & Communications
34Dr. Julia Underwood, Academic Member, ATINER & Professor, Azusa Pacific University, USA.Athens Journal of Business & Economics