Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in January 2023

  1. Dipanwita Chakrabarti: Kant on Quantitative and Qualitative Judgments Available online 26 January 2023
  2. Eva Klemenčič, Mateja Ploj Virtič & Janja Majer Kovačič: The Role of Teacher Education in the Science Literacy Development Available online 26 January 2023
  3. Elena Roibas-Millan, José Miguel Álvarez-Romero, Sergio Marín-Coca, Ángel Porras-Hermoso, Javier Pérez-Álvarez, Javier Cubas & Santiago Pindado: The UPMQube: An Academic/Educational PocketQube Proposal for the EU2Space Challenge Available online 26 January 2023
  4. Muhammad Bin Abubakr Joolfoo & Mussawir Ahmad Hosany: Machine Learning Solutions in Combating COVID-19: State of the Art and Challenges Available online 26 January 2023
  5. Mohamed Moussa, Mohammed N. Elziny & Ahmed M. Hussein: Assessing the Internal Critical Success Factors of Service Quality in Boatels: A Case Study of Egypt Available online 26 January 2023
  6. Martin G. Wynn & Peter Jones: Natural Capital and Natural Asset Management in the Hospitality Industry Available online 26 January 2023
  7. Ildikó Holik & István Dániel Sanda: The Possibilities of Developing STEM Skills in Higher Education Available online 20 January 2023
  8. Indrit Enesi & Anduel Kuqi: Evaluation of the 3D Reconstruction Performance of Objects in Meshroom: A Case Study Available online 20 January 2023
  9. Pedro Luis Luchini & Gabriela Mariel Ferreiro: Second Language Vocabulary Teaching and Learning: Inspecting Alternatives and Analyzing Results Available online 15 December 2022

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in December 2022

  1. Pedro Luis Luchini & Gabriela Mariel Ferreiro: Second Language Vocabulary Teaching and Learning: Inspecting Alternatives and Analyzing ResultsAvailable online 15 December 2022
  2. William Bintz: Portrayal of Bullying in Selected Picture Books: A Content AnalysisAvailable online 15 December 2022
  3. Kathleen Ann O’Donnell: English Brutal Colonisation of the Seven Islands:  The Poems of Ossian by James MacphersonAvailable online 15 December 2022
  4. Viktoria Holmik & Milica Muminovic: Diagramming Urban Fragments: Collage City and the ‘Vest-pocket’ in the Case Study of CanberraAvailable online 5 December 2022
  5. John M. Ryan & Víctor Parra-Guinaldo: Trends of Diminutive Relexification in Neapolitan: A Lexicographic Analysis with Comparisons to Spanish and ItalianAvailable online 5 December 2022
  6. Manoranjan Mallick & Pragyanparamita Mohapatra: Wittgenstein’s Notion of ‘Higher’: A Reading from Sankara’s Conception of JnanaAvailable online 15 December 2022
  7. Alina Nikolaevna Paranina & Roman Viktorovich Paranin: On the Determination of the Geographic North on Archeological Plans in Connection with the Problem of the Quality of Geographic EducationAvailable online 5 December 2022
  8. Angelina P. Lumbre, Ma. Nympha Beltran-Joaquin & Sheryl Lyn C. Monterola: Relationship between Mathematics Teachers’ Teaching Styles and Students’ Achievement in MathematicsAvailable online 5 December 2022
  9. Stavroula Malla, Solomon Akowuah & K.K.Klein: Empirical Analysis of Obesity Determinants and Prevalence – The Case of CanadaAvailable online 2 December 2022
  10. Masudul Biswas: Foreign-born Faculty Members’ Teaching Experience in U.S. Mass Communication and Journalism Programs: How They Navigate ChallengesAvailable online 2 December 2022