Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in September 2022

  1. Tina Pourpakdelfekr & Behnam Oboudi: Overview of Sustainable Solutions to Improve the Environmental Impacts of Mega Sporting Events Available online 30 September 2022
  2. Moshe Eben-Chaime: Demand Models, Revenue Curves and Profit Available online 29 September 2022
  3. Nusrat Jahan & Mehedy Hassan Razib: Child Abusing News: Episodic and Thematic Media Framing Adapting the Children Act and UNICEF’s Principles in Bangladesh Available online 28 September 2022
  4. Elisa Ravasio: A Stinging Citizen: Socrates “the Gadfly” as a Political Model Available online 28 September 2022 
  5. Sobitha Samaranayake & Shehan Senanayake: Dependency Visualization Tool for Decision Support Systems with Preferential Dependencies Available online 27 September 2022
  6. Suleiman Yakubu: The Socio-cultural and Political Practices of the People of the Auchi Kingdom Before the Arrival of the Nupe in Nigeria Available online 27 September 2022
  7. Jiemin Bu: A Study of Pragmatic Transfer in Criticism Strategies by Chinese EFL Learners Available online 27 September 2022
  8. Ghina Kalaji: The Influence of Gifted and Talented Programs on Students’ Self-concept Available online 27 September 2022
  9. Jiaming Rong: Research on the Semantic Prosody of “Lockdown” based on Coronavirus Corpus Available online 25 September 2022
  10. Juan Ramón García Carretero & Juan Antonio Martín Ruiz: Zoomorphic Askos from Beatas Street Necropolis Preserved in the Museum of Malaga in Spain Available online 25 September 2022
  11. Marija Gjurašić & Tea Đurović: Development of Sericulture in the Eastern Adriatic during the Austrian Administration Available online 25 September 2022
  12. Hannele Laaksonen & Marjukka Tenhunen: Difficult Interpersonal Situations in Leadership as Arenas of Ethical Leadership and Learning Available online 25 September 2022
  13. Mennatullah Alaa Eldeen, Ahmed Tawfik & Ashraf Tag Eldeen: Crisis of Competition: A Conceptual Review of Hospitality and Tourism Industries Available online 22 September 2022
  14. Adam Pitluk: Off Thin Ice: After Decades of Media Abuse, it Took Hollywood to Repair Tonya Harding’s Image and Reputation Available online 22 September 2022
  15. Andrew T. Johnson: Using Pixel Counts to Measure Accuracy and Confidence in Representations of Mental Maps Available online 20 September 2022
  16. Mohamed Hany B. Moussa, Dalia Ibrahim Helal & Mohamed Hussein Abdel Gaber: How Digitalization in Tourism Led to Moral Disengagement of Employees: Differential Impacts on X, Y, Z Generations in Egyptian Hotels Available online 20 September 2022
  17. Kieron Sheehy, Abigail McClanachan, Ale Okada, Mimi Tatlow-Golden & Stephen Harrison: Is Distance Education Fun? The Implications of Undergraduates’ Epistemological Beliefs for Improving Their Engagement and Satisfaction with Online Learning Available online 20 September 2022
  18. Hyunmee Kang: Same World Cup, Different News Frames Available online 19 September 2022
  19. Fateme Zare & Gábor Géczi: Perceived Effects of Olympic Success on International Policies and Prestige: A Case Study of Sports Actors from Iran Available online 19 September 2022
  20. Mariana Ianeva & Nikola Gaydarov: The Specialized Product of the Experiences in the Tour Guide Services Available online 19 September 2022
  21. Justyna Rusak: Alienation and Identity Crisis in the Apocalyptic World of Katherine Anne Porter Available online 19 September 2022
  22. Peter Jones: Corporate Digital Responsibilty in the Retail Industry: Cameo Case Studies of Two German Retailers Available online 16 September 2022
  23. Sean Brennan: William Warren Scranton and the United Nations 1976-1977 Available online 16 September 2022
  24. João Miguel Couto Duarte:The Rediscovery of Japan: The Critical Reception of Japanese Architecture in Portugal after the Opening of Japan to the West Available online 15 September 2022
  25. Maria João Moreira Soares & Clara Germana Gonçalves: Gilles Deleuze and Bernini’s Bel Composto: From Theatricality to a Living-montage Available online 15 September 2022
  26. Michael Steppat: The African Imprint in Shakespeare Available online 14 September 2022
  27. Tanvir Alam: Language Policies and Linguistic Rights Available online 13 September 2022
  28. Zeyneb Betül Kaya & Ibrahim Kepceoglu: Metacognitive Failures of Preservice Mathematics Teachers ın Problem Solving Available online 9 September 2022
  29. Miltiades C. Elliotis: Numerical Estimation of a Mode III Fracture Mechanics Parameter for a Three-Dimensional V-Notch on a Steel Bold Available online 9 September 2022
  30. Vladimir Orlov: Legal Aspects of Corporate Governance in Russia Available online 9 September 2022
  31. Simonetta Milli Konewko: A Mediterranean Participation in the Work of Pietro Bartolo and Lidia Tilotta Available online 7 September 2022
  32. Letizia Carrera: (Ri) educate to Political Participation: The Democratic Challenge Available online 6 September 2022
  33. Carolina Facioni: Why the World Needs Futures Studies: A Social and Methodological Challenge Available online 6 September 2022
  34. Andrea Eis: Iphigeneia Breathes: A Filmic Musing on the Winds, Breathing, Life, and the Imagination Available online 5 September 2022

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in August 2022

  1. Nazlı Ölmez, Türker Baş, Aslı Gül Öncel, Michel Plaisent & Prosper Bernard: E-waste Awareness Among Young GenerationAvailable online 29 August 2022
  2. Zsófia Hajnal: Measuring the Level of Technology in Moral Economics Available online 22 August 2022
  3. Azza Ghanem: Assessment Knowledge, Perception, and Behaviors towards Climate Change among Universities Youth in EgyptAvailable online 22 August 2022
  4. Chinwe Stella Egbunike-Umegbolu & Uriah Bajela: The Functionality of the Election Tribunal in Nigeria concerning Election PetitionAvailable online 22 August 2022
  5. Zineb Jibraili, Sanae Biaz & Said Ouhadi: Development of a Taxonomy of Performance for Moroccan Sports FederationAvailable online 18 August 2022
  6. Larissa Clare Pochmann da Silva: Transnational Class Actions: The Canadian Experience and the Improvement of Access to Justice in Latin AmericaAvailable online 8 August 2022
  7. Samar A. Amer, Lulwah A. Aldehaim, Reem S. El Ghebawi, Afrah A. Alshammari, Nouf A. El Eissa & Fahad A. Al Amri: Effect of the National Health Education Program Among Saudi Patients in Saudi Arabia Primary Health Care Centers, 2019Available online 6 August 2022
  8. Lavinia-Olivia Iancu: The Access Conditions of the Natural Person to the Insolvency Procedure in RomaniaAvailable online 6 August 2022
  9. Emmanuel K Nartey: The Rohingya Crisis: A Critical Analysis of the United Nations Security Council and International Human Rights LawAvailable online 1 August 2022
  10. Marta Picchi: Violence against Women and Domestic Violence: The European Commission’s Directive ProposalAvailable online 1 August 2022
  11. Heba Mahran: Acts of Official Grief on the Berlin Museum “Trauerrelief” (AMP 12411) Available online 1 August 2022

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in July 2022

  1. Tuong-Minh Ly-Le: Motivations and Challenges in Small Business Start-ups: A Glance at Vietnam’s Public Relations Industry Available online 18 July 2022
  2. Agostina Latino: Genealogy, Variations and Specificity of the Right to Truth Available online 20 July 2022
  3. Petros Fanta Choramo: Acts Considered as Terrorism Crimes and Compatibility of Counter-terrorist Measures to International Standards: In Context of Ethiopia Available online 20 July 2022

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in June 2022

  1. Tanya M. Tarbutton & Lori B. Doyle: Using Teacher Presence in Online Higher Education to Foster Global Citizenship Among Adult Learners Available online 21 June 2022
  2. Daniel Bosmans, Françoise Casciotta & Vincent Fivaz: The Autonomous Acquisition of Transversal Competencies by Primary School Children through the Use of Pedagogical Scenarios Available online 21 June 2022
  3. Deniz Demir: A User Research on Alternative Media Available online 21 June 2022
  4. Brad Strand: Failure Response and Coping among Female Collegiate Athletes Available online 15 June 2022
  5. Peter Jones: UK Retailers and Plant-Based Alternatives to Meat and Dairy Products Available online 10 June 2022
  6. António dos Santos Queirós: One Country, Two Systems. Understand the Paradox of the Last Hong Kong Crisis Available online 10 June 2022 
  7. Angel Paniagua: Recover Old Geographical Materialities in Rural Areas: Key Politics and Processes of (Dis)assemblages Available online 8 June 2022
  8. Gregory T. Papanikos: The Ukrainian Migrant Flows to Greece due to the Russian-Belarus Invasion Available online 6 June 2022

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in May 2022

  1. Maria de Lourdes Valdivia Dounce: Metalinguistic “Troubles” with Kripkean Proper Names Available online 26 May 2022 
  2. Derya Güvenir: Minority Shareholders’ Right to Request the Postponement of General Meetings of Joint Stock Companies in Turkish Law Available online 24 May 2022
  3. Lucia Munongi: Townships’ High School Learners’ Views on the Implementation of the Right to Education: A Social Justice Perspective Available online 23 May 2022
  4. Ger Coffey: A History of the Common Law Double Jeopardy Principle: From Classical Antiquity to Modern Era Available online 20 May 2022
  5. Ivan Allegranti: ‘The Right to Remain and Produce in your Homeland’ in Light of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, The European Court of Human Rights Case Law and the Italian Constitution Available online 18 May 2022
  6. Chinwe Egbunike-Umegbolu: Speedy Dispensation of Justice: Lagos Multi-Door Court House (LMDC) Available online 17 May 2022
  7. John V. Pavlik: The Russian War in Ukraine and the Implications for the News Media Available online 17 May 2022
  8. Giovanni Di Franco & Michele Santurro: From Big Data to Machine Learning: An Empirical Application for Social Sciences Available online 11 May 2022
  9. Stephan Tobler & Harald Stummer: Effects of Public Reporting Programs: Organizing and Synthesizing the Literature Available online 6 May 2022
  10. Andrew Terleckyj: The Old Modernist Challenge: Navigating the Hypermodern World of Don DeLillo’s White Noise Available online 3 May 2022


Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in April 2022

  1. Pradeep Kumar Sing: Socio-Economic Crimes: Analysis of Causation Available online 26 April 2022
  2. Sipho Makgopa: Examining Student Support in Implementing Open Distance Learning During COVID-19Available online 26 April 2022
  3. Geeta Oberoi: Why Judicial Education Institutions (JEI) must Focus Vulnerabilities faced on Account of Age, Economic Status, Sexual Orientation and Participation in Civil Society Movements?Available online 25 April 2022
  4. Gábor Törley, László Zsakó & Péter Bernát: Didactic Connection between Spreadsheet and Teaching ProgrammingAvailable online 23 April 2022
  5. Pranakusuma Sudhana, Noermijati, Ananda Sabil Hussein & Nur Khusniyah Indrawati: Explaining the Low Enrollment Intention at International Universities in Indonesia: A Serial Mediation StudyAvailable online 18 April 2022
  6. David P. Wick: March, October, the Yoke and the Arch: A Study of Boundaries in Ancient Roman BeliefAvailable online 18 April 2022
  7. Adrian Rafał Szumowski: Empire, Hegemony, Hyperpower?Available online 14 April 2022
  8. Kevin Norley: Reduction of Socio-economic Diversity through Standardisation of Language: Reflections and ChallengesAvailable online 14 April 2022
  9. Adem Genç & Ahmet Feyzi Korur: Art Studio Supervision with or without Exposure: A Sample Survey of Implementation for Graduate Student Achievement at Altinbas UniversityAvailable online 12 April 2022
  10. Gregory T. Papanikos: The War in Ukraine and the MENA CountriesAvailable online 12 April 2022
  11. Oluwakemi B Ajayi, Moeniera Moosa & Peter JO Aloka: Relationship Between Career Interest and Career Decision-Making of Grade 12 Learners in Township Secondary Schools in South AfricaAvailable online 11 April 2022
  12. David James De Villiers & Alethea Cassandra De Villiers: A Comparative Review of Education Policy in Brazil and South Africa: Divergent Trends in InequalityAvailable online 7 April 2022
  13. Tilia Stingl de Vasconcelos Guedes & Jasmin Séra: Digital University: Investigating the Impact of the Pandemic on the Acceptance of E-LearningAvailable online 4 April 2022
  14. Marta Isabel Sena Augusto & Vidal Gómez Martínez: From the Hut to the Totem: An Archetypal Analysis of the Holy See’s Eleven Chapels at the Venice Architecture BiennaleAvailable online 4 April 2022

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in March 2022

  1. Shaikha Ali Alkhatri & Mohammed Shamssain: Knowledge and Awareness of Childhood Asthma in a Population in the United Arab Emirates Available online 31 March 2022
  2. Gregory T. Papanikos: The Greek Newspaper Coverage of the Ukrainian War: The Pre-Invasion Phase and the Day of the Invasion Available online 30 March 2022
  3. Girum Tareke Zewude & Maria Hercz: The Role of Positive Psychological Capital in the Prediction of Teachers’ Well-being Mediated Through Motivation: A Review of Literature Available online 28 March 2022
  4. Akhilesh Kumar, Ravi Gupta, Krishna Kant Tripathi & Rajani Ranjan Singh: “Predatory Publications” in the Era of Internet and Technology: A Rejoinder Available online 28 March 2022
  5. D Pugazhendhi: Ion (Euripides) and Karna (Mahabharat, Sanga Ilakkiyam) – Deconstruction of Binary Oppositions Available online 28 March 2022
  6. Cristian Constantin: Multinationals in the Grain Trade: Bunge and Nidera in the Lower Danube Region (1930–1948) Available online 25 March 2022
  7. Selçuk Özaydın: The Impact of Gender Inequality on Women’s Team Sports – Evidence from Europe Available online 25 March 2022
  8. Anupam Yadav: Solidarity, Knowledge and Social Hope Available online 24 March 2022 
  9. Bratislav Milošević: Antigone – A Clashing of the Stereotypical and the Archetypal Available online 23 March 2022
  10. Ashley Diedrich: The Reconciling of Two Forsters: Maurice and A Passage to India as Dynamic Dialogue Available online 23 March 2022
  11. Paticia Cells, Lou L. Sabina, Deb Touchton, Rajni Shankar-Brown & Kiara L. Sabina: Addressing Teacher Retention within the First Three to Five Years of Employment Available online 23 March 2022
  12. Monica Toledo Silva: Body Lands: Image Performativity in Object and ShadowAvailable online 22 March 2022
  13. Ebru Turan-Güntepe, Tuğçe Durmuş & Necla Dönmez-Usta: Assessment of Distance Learning Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Grades K-12 Available online 22 March 2022
  14. Marta Isabel Sena Augusto: 10 Variations of an Architectural Design Theme Analogy between Compositional Principle and Musical Theme in the Design of the “Napoleon and the Myth of Rome” Exhibition Project Available online 18 March 2022
  15. Francesco Del Sole: Architectural Instructions in Italy between the 16thand 18th Centuries Available online 18 March 2022
  16. Peter Jones: Plant-based Food in the Hospitality Industry: An Exploratory Case Study of Leading Fast Food Outlets Available online 17 March 2022
  17. Zoe Boutsioli, Victoria Bigelow & Olga Gkounta: COVID-19: A Selective Short Literature Review Available online 14 March 2022
  18. Ka-Cheng Lo: Identifying the Well-suited Chinese Herbal Products for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) Patients in Terms of Hazard Ratio and Child-Pugh Score Improvement: A Frequentist Statistical Analysis Applying ‘Netmeta’ Available online 09 March 2022
  19. Assaf Meydani: Applied Democracy in Light of the Five “Iso”s of Democracy Available online 8 March 2022
  20. Malek Jdaitawi, Fatima Muhaidat, Ayat Alsharoa, Abeer Alshlowi, Marwa Torki & Mona Abdelmoneim: The Effectiveness of Augmented Reality in Improving Students Motivation: An Experimental Study Available online 4 March 2022
  21. Oliver R. Baker: Wanted: A Date with Herodotus Available online 4 March 2022 
  22. Dursun Eğriboyun: Organizational Support, Communication Skills, and Job Satisfaction in the Learning Organizations Available online 4 March 2022
  23. Oliver R. Baker: Queen Atossa: Adamantine Achaemenid Apron-Strings Available online 3 March 2022 
  24. Shikha Patel, Kiran Gangadharaiah & Reshmi Manikoth Kollarath: Assimilating Cycle Park as a Part of Urban Living Available online 3 March 2022
  25. Ranko Kozić: Rohde’s Theory of Relationship between the Novel and Rhetoric and the Problem of Evaluating the Entire Corpus of Post-Classical Greek Literature Available online 2 March 2022

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in February 2022

  1. Martina D’Alessandro: Oswald Mathias Ungers at Belvederestrasse: Self-portrait in the Studio Available online 25 February 2022
  2. Alessandro Gaiani, Duccio Fantoni & Salome Katamadze: Autism and Architecture: The Importance of a Gradual Spatial Transition Available online 21 February 2022
  3. Irma Kaplūnaitė: Between Greeks and Latins: Pilies Street in Medieval Vilnius Available online 25 February 2022 
  4. Adrian Estrela Pereira, Ekaterina Konopleva, Jehan Alghneimin, Nicole Kasbary & György Mészáros: Musical Instruments’ African-Based Studies: The Application of the Afro-Brazilian Knowledge to Study Non-African-based Musical Instruments Available online 25 February 2022
  5. Marta Miquel-Baldellou: From Margo Channing to Margaret Elliot: The Aging Actress, Age Performance, and the Dictates of Aging in Joseph Mankiewicz’s All about Eve and Stuart Heisler’s The Star Available online 24 February 2022
  6. Claire Brun & Jean-Marie Exbrayat: The Effects of Sounds and Music on Cells and Organisms: A Promising and Developing Area of Research Available online 22 February 2022
  7. Cui Dan & Liu Xingyu: Research on Chinglish in the Internet Buzzwords from the Perspective of Sociolinguistics Available online 21 February 2022
  8. Elsa Negas & Rui Seco: Territorial Infrastructure: Drafting of a Calculation Evaluation Method Available online 21 February 2022
  9. Ulrike Quapp & Klaus Holschemacher: Management Strategies for Engineering Faculties under Consideration of Current Developments in the Higher Education Sector Available online 21 February 2022
  10. Hannele Laaksonen & Tia Bäckström: Finnish Remote Leadership in Home Care during the Pandemic Available online 17 February 2022
  11. Olakunle Michael Folami: Distributive Justice Narratives among Different Ethnic Groups in the Niger Delta Post-Conflict Peacebuilding Processes Available online 17 February 2022
  12. Lehte Roots: The LGBTI Rights in European Union – Do Survivals get Pension? Available online 17 February 2022
  13. Rocco Neri: Beyond any Reasonable Doubt between Science, Jurimetrics and Criminal Procedure: New Perspectives? Available online 17 February 2022
  14. Hannele Laaksonen & Satu Hietala: Learning from Fun Leadership Experiences  Available online 16 February 2022
  15. Rose Boucaut & Sophie Lefmann: SAFER: An Occupational Health and Safety Teaching Framework for Nursing Students Available online 16 February 2022
  16. Felice Vinci and Arduino Maiuri: A Proposal upon the Figure of Hermes as an Ancient God of Fire (According to the Homeric Hymn to Hermes) Available online 16 February 2022
  17. Carin Silkaitis & Zoe Rose Kriegler-Wenk: The Need for Embodied Dramaturgy: The Laramie Project and Generation Z Available online 15 February 2022
  18. Ganesh Dash: Pandemic Induced E-Learning and the Impact on the Stakeholders: Mediating Role of Satisfaction and Moderating Role of Choice Available online 15 February 2022
  19. Elisa Monaci: Kitsch Landscapes: Strategies to Inhabit Artificial Natures Available online 11 February 2022
  20. John Rodari Meisner & Jennifer M. McKenzie: Teacher Perceptions of Self-Efficacy in Teaching Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic Available online 11 February 2022
  21. Lela Khachidze: Byzantine and Georgian Hymnographical Heritage (“Lenten Triodion” under George the Athonite’s Redaction) Available online 10 February 2022
  22. Ching-pin Tseng: Exhibiting Imprisoned Memories: The Construction of Site-specific Narrations in the Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park, Taiwan Available online 09 February 2022
  23. Dadhichi Shukla and Stephan Unger: Sentiment Analysis of International Relations with Artificial Intelligence Available online 09 February 2022
  24. Thomas Bisiani & Vittoria Umani: Forms of the Void: Gorizia and the Border that No Longer Exists Available online 08 February 2022
  25. Noemi Crescentini & Giuseppe Michele Padricelli: The Relevance of Scientific Dissemination during the Vaccine Campaign: The Italian Virologist Communication on Social Media Available online 3 February 2022
  26. Gregory T. Papanikos: Hesiod on Scarcity Available online 1 February 2022
  27. Ibis Gomez-Vega: Baseball, Manhood, and Fathering Gay Children in Tom Perrotta’s “The Smile on Happy Chang’s Face”Available online 1 February 2022
  28. Kostas Karadakis & Maria Manus Painchaud: Esport Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Perspectives from Subject Matter Experts Available online 1 February 2022

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in January 2022

  1. Enes Yasa: The Interaction of Wind Velocity and Air Gap Width on the Thermal Comfort in Naturally Ventilated Buildings with Multiple Skin Facade Available online 28 January 2022
  2. Ya-Lan Huang & Erh-Tsung Chin: The Growth of Teacher’s Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching as Participating in a Primary School Teacher’s Professional Learning Community Available online 28 January 2022 
  3. Antonia Cristina Pires, Gustavo Tanus & Filipe Schettini: Picture-Skin, Music-Muscle: The Intersemiotic/Intermedia Body of Olney São Paulo’s Manhã Cinzenta Available online 28 January 2022
  4. Olcay Çam, Elif Deniz Kaçmaz & Cansu Guler: Investigation of Nursing Students’ Eating Attitudes and Affecting Factors: A Cross-Sectional Study Available online 28 January 2022
  5. Emel Tuğrul and Süreyya Bulut: Knowledge Attitudes and Behaviors of Postgraduate Nursing Students Regarding Evidence Available online 28 January 2022
  6. Massimiliano Paniga: Public Health Institutions in Italy in the 20thCentury Available online 27 January 2022
  7. Abdel Rahman Ahmed Abdel Rahman: Revisiting the Relationship between E-Government and Corruption: An Empirical InvestigationAvailable online 26 January 2022
  8. Gregory T. Papanikos: Hesiod’s Place in the Economics Literature Available online 24 January 2022
  9. Gregory T. Papanikos: Hesiod’s Works and Daysas an Economics Textbook
    Available online 24 January 2022
  10. Rui Rego: Oedipus’s Responsibility: The Problem of Moral Luck According to Bernard Williams and Thomas Nagel Available online 24 January 2022
  11. Anastasia Nikologianni, Alessandro Betta, Mattia Andreola, Angelica Pianegonda, Gian Antonio Battistel, Anna Ternell & Alessandro Gretter: Urban Farming Models, Ecosystems and Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Environments: The Case of SATURN Pan European Programme Available online 24 January 2022 
  12. Mohamed Said Abdou, Ebtissam Mohamed Farid & Hatem Abdelmoneam Eltawil: An Insightful Resemblance between Ancient Egyptian Miniatures and Current Digital Information Models Available online 21 January 2022
  13. Sanja Knežević: The Intertextual Relationship between Federico García Lorca and Modern Croatian Poetry Available online 21 January 2022
  14. Alessandro Betta, Anastasia Nikologianni, Martin Berg, Marco Ciolli, Anna Ternell & Alessandro Gretter:  Decision Making in City Planning: Processes of Visioning and Stakeholders Engagement and their Relation to Sustainable Land-Use in the SATURN Project Available online 21 January 2022
  15. David P. Wick: The Lyceum in Twilight: Athens’ “Second School” and its Struggle to Re-Invent Itself and Survive in the Last Years of the Roman Republic Available online 20 January 2022 
  16. Davida Eisenberg-Degen, Daniel Varga & Tal Sapir: Sub/semi-Subterranean Complexes in Byzantine Beer Sheva, Negev, Israel, Date, Use and Typology Available online 18 January 2022
  17. Raisul Islam & Sk. Abu Raihan Siddique: Exploring the Newspaper Representation on Victim-Blaming in Bangladesh: A Recent Case Study Available online 17 January 2022
  18. Constantinos Xenofontos, Sinem Hizli Alkan & Paul Andrews: Estimation in the Primary Mathematics Curricula of Cyprus, Greece and Turkey: A Privileged or Prevented Competence? Available online 13 January 2022
  19. Eva Jereb, Janja Jerebic & Marko Urh: Studying Habits in Higher Education Before and After the Outbreak of the COVID-19 Pandemic Available online 13 January 2022
  20. Nikoleta Slováková: The City on the Rails Available online 12 January 2022
  21. Gregory T. Papanikos: The Evaluation and the Accreditation Process of Greek HEIs with an Emphasis on Primary Education Departments Available online 12 January 2022
  22. Gregory T. Papanikos: Predatory Publications in the Era of Internet and Technology: A Comment Available online 10 January 2022
  23. Onisogen Simeon Edori, Enize Simeon Edori & Chizoba Theresa Wodi: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Concentrations in Soils from Power Plant Stations in Universities in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Niger Delta, Nigeria Available online 27 January 2022 
  24. Paul Godbout & Jean-Francis Gréhaigne: Making Sense of Decision Making in Invasion Team Sports – A Teaching/Learning Perspective in Physical Education Available online 18 January 2022
  25. Boitumelo Caroline Rasethuntsa: The Tourism Industry and Economic Growth Nexus in Lesotho Available online 12 January 2022
  26. Masooma Al-Balushi & Tamer Mohamed Atef: Hospitality Management Specialization Practical Courses Evaluation and Development Available online 05 January 2022

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in December 2021

  1. Raquel de Caria Patrício: Brazil: Country on Hold, Political Tension Running High Available online 30 December 2021
  2. Raluca Prelipceanu: Change of Status, Change of Art Available online 29 December 2021 
  3. Simona Calvagna, Pietro Maria Militello, Fabio Agatino Reale, Gianluca Rodonò & Andrea Tornabene: From the Landscape of Contrasts to the Landscape of Invisible Cities: A Strategic Landscape Design for the Revitalization of the Ancient Greek Colony of Megara Hyblaea in Sicily Available online 28 December 2021
  4. Ruth Chen & Haris Saud: Development and Testing of a Web Application to Improve Entry-to-Practice Pediatric Nursing Competencies: A Proof-of-Concept Study Available online 28 December 2021
  5. John M. Medellin: Generation, Regeneration and Validation of Binary Secret Keys through Blockchain in IoT Devices Available online 28 December 2021 
  6. Gregory T. Papanikos: An Ex-PostAnalysis of the 2004 Olympic Effect Available online 28 December 2021
  7. Gregory T. Papanikos: The Bright Future of Democracy is in Education Available online 28 December 2021
  8. Marco Comunetti: Homer and Euripides: Remarks on Mythological Innovation in the Scholia Available online 27 December 2021
  9. Ilaria Maria Zedda: The Modern Berlin Block: Spatial Evolution of a Typology through the 20th Century Available online 27 December 2021
  10. Osman Güldemir: Baklava Recipes from the Greek King Otto I to the Present Available online 24 December 2021
  11. Sirpa Salin, Pirja Fagerlund, Hannele Palukka & Hannele Laaksonen: The Participation of Immigrants in Outside Home Activities in Finland Available online 19 December 2021
  12. Jakub Harman: Gender Equality and Institutions as the Driving Force of Football Performance: Women vs Men Available online 19 December 2021
  13. Paavo Roos: Polybius the Non-hostage Available online 17 December 2021
  14. Maria Carola Morozzo della Rocca, Alessandro Bertirotti & Federica Delprino: Digital and Physical Margins: Pre-Visions for New Interactions in the City in Progress Available online 08 December 2021
  15. Elia Saneleuterio, Rocío López-García-Torres & Teresa Fernández-Ulloa: Forestalling Bullying in Primary and Secondary Schools in Spain Available online 08 December 2021
  16. Ranko Kozić: ΦΙΛΟΣΟΦΗΣΑΝΤΕΣ ΕΝ ΔΟΞΗΙ ΤΟΥ ΣΟΦΙΣΤΕΥΣΑΙ: An Enigmatic Depiction of the Second Sophistic in Philostratus and Eunapius’ Lives of the Sophists or What is Indeed the Mentioned Sophistic? Available online 3 December 2021
  17. Nissim Gal & Ronit Milano: Displaying Dissent: On Faith, Consumerism, and Censorial Discipline in the Israeli Museum Available online 1 December 2021

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in November 2021

  1. Anatoliy A. Lytvynenko: The Concept of the Patient’s Autonomy: From the Vaults of Civil Law Available online 29 November 2021
  2. Peter Jones: A Review of the UK’s Tourism Recovery Plans Post COVID-19 Available online 26 November 2021Donald C Shelton: Lost in the Scotch Mist – New Attributions to Tobias Smollett Available online 26 November 2021
  3. Constantin Colonescu: Compounded Markups in Complex Market Structures Available online 26 November 2021
  4. Alicia Wenzel, Katrina A. Hovey & Annie Ittner: Examining Early Career Teachers’ Formative Practices to Inform and Support Continuous Improvement in Educator Preparation Programs Available online 25 November 2021
  5. Norman Urs Baier & Joel Costan Zovi: Flexible Robot Programming using Solid Edge’s “Alternative Assemblies” Available online 25 November 2021
  6. Victoria Hughes & Hallmon Victoria Hughes: Effects of Cannabidiol on Dugesia Dorotocephala Head Regeneration Available online 22 November 2021
  7. Maria Rosaria D’Acierno Canonici: The Role of Phonetics and Prosody during a Second Language Learning Plan Available online 22 November 2021
  8. Patrick Brecht, Jörn Faßbinder, Daniel Hendriks, Anja Stroebele & Carsten H. Hahn: Rapid Platform Exploration – A Sprint to Discover and Design Digital Platform Business Models Available online 22 November 2021
  9. Noemi Crescentini & Giuseppe Michele Padricelli: The Relevance of Scientific Dissemination during the Vaccine Campaign: The Italian Virologist Communication on Social Media Available online 22 November 2021
  10. Sobitha Samaranayake, Athula D. A. Gunawardena & Robert R. Meyer: An Interactive Decision Support System for College Degree Planning Available online 21 November 2021
  11. Farhan Lakhany: Mary & Detectivism Available online 21 November 2021
  12. Elli Papanikolaou: Theophrastus Paracelsus von Hohenheim: His Corpuscular Theory and the Spread of Paracelsianism Available online 21 November 2021 
  13. Chia-Hao Tsai & Erh-Tsung Chin: Pupil’s Fraction Learning based on Board Game Playing Available online 21 November 2021
  14. Leonida Correia & Maria João Ribeiro: Macroeconomics and the Construction Sector: Evidence from Portugal Available online 11 November 2021
  15. Akhilesh Kumar, Ravi Gupta, Krishna Kant Tripathi & Rajani Ranjan Singh: Predatory Publications in the Era of the Internet and Technology: Open Access Publications are at Risk Available online 11 November 2021
  16. Anastasia Nikologianni: How Can Landscape Architecture Influence Systemic Change to Achieve Sustainable Cities and Regions Available online 09 November 2021
  17. Victoria Teles Valois De Amorim & Michely Vargas del Puppo Romanelo: Syrian Refugees in Brazil: Protection of Human Rights and their Developments Available online 8 November 2021
  18. Markos Tezera Taye, Abdulghani Muthanna, Guoyuan Sang & Ahmed Alduais: Understanding Effective Teaching Beliefs of Instructors and Students: A Qualitative ‎Study at an Ethiopian University Available online 2 November 2021
  19. Maria Luisa Chiarella: Platform Contracts: Legal Framework and User Protection Available online 2 November 2021

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in October 2021

  1. Gregory T. Papanikos: Wars and Foreign Interventions in Greece in the 1820s Available online 29 October 2021 
  2. Ingrid K. M. Brenner, C. Ann Brown, Sylvia M. J. Hains, Joan Tranmer, David Zelt & Peter Brown: Effects of a Low-Intensity Walking Intervention on Walking Performance Measures in Patients with Peripheral Artery DiseaseAvailable online 26 October 2021
  3. Deniz Akgül & Vildan Güneş: Minority Stress of Workers as Internal Customers: A Case Study in TurkeyAvailable online 26 October 2021
  4. Oliver R. Baker: Artemisia: An Admirable AdmiralAvailable online 25 October 2021
  5. Pradeep Kumar Singh: Corporate Criminal Liability in IndiaAvailable online 25 October 2021
  6. Jan Reid: The Economic Effect of the COVID-19 Lockdown in the United States: Was the Cure Worse than the Disease? Available online 22 October 2021
  7. William Kodom Gyasi: The Readability of Political Party Manifestos of the 2016 General Elections in GhanaAvailable online 22 October 2021
  8. Nilgun Tosun & Aynur Gecer: A Development, Validity and Reliability of Safe Social Networking ScaleAvailable online 22 October 2021
  9. Shoji Azuma: A Study of Former Japanese Prime Minister Abe’s Speaking Style in 2020:  Listener-Oriented or Speaker-Oriented?Available online 22 October 2021
  10. Mohammed Ali & Md. Abdul Alim: Numerical Analysis of Boundary Layer Flow and Heat  Transfer over  a Stretching and Non-Stretching Bullet-Shaped ObjectAvailable online 22 October 2021
  11. Fredrick Okoth Okaka & Paul Omondi: Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices (KAP) Towards COVID-19 among Older People Living in Informal Settlements in Nairobi City, KenyaAvailable online  22 October 2021
  12. Liteboho T. Tlali & Mokone L. Musi: Gender Equality and Empowerment through Corporate Social Responsibility in Ecotourism at Malealea, Lesotho: A Qualitative StudyAvailable online 22 October 2021
  13. Ibrahim A. El-Hussari: A Discursive Study of the Unscheduled Dialogue in G. Kanafani’s Returnee to HaifaAvailable online 21 October 2021
  14. Chia-Hung Chuang, Ching-Hung Lin, Cheng-Wen Wu & Kuo-Chuan Lin: Reliability and Differences of Jump Kinetics Related to Different Load in College Male Athletes Available online 21 October 2021
  15. Peter Jones & Daphne Comfort: A Review of the Leading Information Technology Companies’ Modern Slavery Statements Available online 21 October 2021
  16. Ezgi Oguz & Jamie Marsden: Defending Against Copycat Packaging: The Role of Design from a Consumer’s Perspective Available online 21 October 2021
  17. Miemie Struwig & Storm Watson:Working Capital Management and Systems Disruption during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from South Africa Available online 19 October 2021
  18. Francesca Pantaleone: Determinants of Vaccine R&D in the Pharmaceutical SectorAvailable online 19 October 2021
  19. Ivan Drogo Inglese & Roberta Caragnano: Work and Employment for the Heritage: System Analysis of an Economic Asset for an Innovative Welfare ModelAvailable online 19 October 2021
  20. Anay Katyal: Top Bins: An Exploration of Qatar’s Use of Sport and Capital to Strengthen Diplomatic VisibilityAvailable online 18 October 2021
  21. Marinko Oluić, Sreten Romandić & Ratko Vasiljević: Mineral Exploration in Mawat Region, Kurdistan-Iraq, Based on Satellite Data and Terrain ProspectionAvailable online 14 October 2021
  22. Pier Paolo Bellini: “As Long as the Boat Goes”: Singing by Metaphor in the Years of LeadAvailable online 14 October 2021
  23. Faaiz Ali Shah, Mian Amjad Ali, Naeemullah & Muhammad Bilal: A Study of Paediatric Supracondylar Fractures of the Humerus Presented During the COVID-19Pandemic Available online 12 October 2021
  24. Swapna Johncy: Theoretical Perspectives of the Effect of Immunotherapy on the Quality of Life of Cancer Patients Available online 12 October 2021
  25. Marianna Michalowska: Photography’s Narrative Spaces – Stories About Man-Altered LandscapeAvailable online 08 October 2021
  26. Marta Villalba-Lázaro: After Euripides: Esotericism in Medea’s English Literary TraditionAvailable online 05 October 2021
  27. Neill Fitzpatrick: No News is Not Good News: The Implications of News Fatigue and News Avoidance in a Pandemic WorldAvailable online 05 October 2021
  28. Enke Haoribao, Yoshinori Natsume & Shinichi Hamada: Arrangement Plan of Inner Mongolia Buddhist TempleAvailable online 05 October 2021
  29. Joshua Gukiina & Elizabeth Lamunu: The Near Abasement of Uganda Hotels’ Staff Altruistic Behaviour by COVID-19 Pandemic: A Relief ModelAvailable online 05 October 2021
  30. Shahla Abdul Wahid, Swapna Johncy, Sadaf Abbas & Mikyoung Lee:The Effects of Distraction on Preoperative Anxiety in Preschool and School-Age Children: A Literature Review Available online 04 October 2021
  31. Jan Lust: The Structural Conditions for the Expansion of COVID-19 in PeruAvailable online 4 October 2021
  32. Vesna Žegarac Leskovar & Vanja Skalicky Klemenčič: The Role of Nursing Homes Architectural Design in Mitigating the Risk of COVID-19 Pandemics: The Case of Slovenia Available online 04 October 2021

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in September 2021

  1. Ivanilde Fracalossi: The Role of Freedom in the Practical Philosophy of Kant and Reinhold Available online 27 September 2021
  2. Victor M. Kogan: In Defense of the Classics, Against New Racism Available online 24 September 2021
  3. Joe Harasta: Town & Gown – University and Community Leaders’ Perceptions on Mutually Beneficial Relationships: An Urban American University Case Study Available online 23 September 2021
  4. Yusuf Alapata Ahmed, Nathaniel Bayode Eniolorunda, Yakubu Fakai Musa & Samuel Igra: Waste Management and Control Problems in Sokoto Metropolis: Projected Mitigation on the Syndrome Available online 22 September 2021
  5. Hwiman Chung: How Do Japanese Perceive Foreigners? Portrayals of Foreigners in Japanese Media Available online 22 September 2021
  6. Banu Özevin: Music Class and Abuse Available online 20 September 2021
  7. Rodanthi Tzanelli & Gauthami Kamalika Jayathilaka: Worldmaking in Sri Lankan Heritage Design: The Case of Travel Writers Available online 17 September 2021
  8. Lars Samuelsson & Niclas Lindström: Online Surveillance and Education for Digital Competence Available online 16 September 2021
  9. Stefanie Baumgartner & Marc K Peter: Strategic Foresight and Innovation Management: A Comparative Study across International Swiss Banks Available online 16 September 2021
  10. Karin Brunsson: Formal Rationality as Ideal: The Textbook Approach to Management Available online 16 September 2021
  11. Birgitta B. Puspita & Paulus A. Edvra: The Use of YouTube and Apps by Digital Moms to Support Early Childhood Learning Available online 15 September 2021
  12. Francesco Buscemi: Multimodality of the TV Format Available online 15 September 2021
  13. Vladimir Orlov: Russian Legal Discourse Available online 15 September 2021
  14. Micael Fernandes Gomes dos Santos & Michely Vargas Delpupo Romanello: Law, State and Religious Freedom in Brazil: A Historical and Constitutional Analysis of
    Freedom of Belief and Religion Available online 09 September 2021
  15. Zeineb Zerai, Chedlia Fitouri, Ali khalifa Alshamli & Hafsi Bedhioufi: Opposition Relationship in Handball and the Constant Reversibility of Attack and Defense Available online 09 September 2021
  16. Manuel Niever, Ilona Martina Scholz & Carsten Hahn: Innovation Driven by Cooperation of Startups and SME Available online 08 September 2021
  17. Sam Sarpong: Can Loyalty be extended to Airlines? An Inquisition from Air Passengers A vailable online 2 September 2021