Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in September 2021

  1. Ivanilde Fracalossi: The Role of Freedom in the Practical Philosophy of Kant and Reinhold Available online 27 September 2021
  2. Victor M. Kogan: In Defense of the Classics, Against New Racism Available online 24 September 2021
  3. Joe Harasta: Town & Gown – University and Community Leaders’ Perceptions on Mutually Beneficial Relationships: An Urban American University Case Study Available online 23 September 2021
  4. Yusuf Alapata Ahmed, Nathaniel Bayode Eniolorunda, Yakubu Fakai Musa & Samuel Igra: Waste Management and Control Problems in Sokoto Metropolis: Projected Mitigation on the Syndrome Available online 22 September 2021
  5. Hwiman Chung: How Do Japanese Perceive Foreigners? Portrayals of Foreigners in Japanese Media Available online 22 September 2021
  6. Banu Özevin: Music Class and Abuse Available online 20 September 2021
  7. Rodanthi Tzanelli & Gauthami Kamalika Jayathilaka: Worldmaking in Sri Lankan Heritage Design: The Case of Travel Writers Available online 17 September 2021
  8. Lars Samuelsson & Niclas Lindström: Online Surveillance and Education for Digital Competence Available online 16 September 2021
  9. Stefanie Baumgartner & Marc K Peter: Strategic Foresight and Innovation Management: A Comparative Study across International Swiss Banks Available online 16 September 2021
  10. Karin Brunsson: Formal Rationality as Ideal: The Textbook Approach to Management Available online 16 September 2021
  11. Birgitta B. Puspita & Paulus A. Edvra: The Use of YouTube and Apps by Digital Moms to Support Early Childhood Learning Available online 15 September 2021
  12. Francesco Buscemi: Multimodality of the TV Format Available online 15 September 2021
  13. Vladimir Orlov: Russian Legal Discourse Available online 15 September 2021
  14. Micael Fernandes Gomes dos Santos & Michely Vargas Delpupo Romanello: Law, State and Religious Freedom in Brazil: A Historical and Constitutional Analysis of
    Freedom of Belief and Religion Available online 09 September 2021
  15. Zeineb Zerai, Chedlia Fitouri, Ali khalifa Alshamli & Hafsi Bedhioufi: Opposition Relationship in Handball and the Constant Reversibility of Attack and Defense Available online 09 September 2021
  16. Manuel Niever, Ilona Martina Scholz & Carsten Hahn: Innovation Driven by Cooperation of Startups and SME Available online 08 September 2021
  17. Sam Sarpong: Can Loyalty be extended to Airlines? An Inquisition from Air Passengers A vailable online 2 September 2021