Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in March 2024

  1. Martinho Alves da Costa Junior: Maurício Wellisch: A Forgotten Modern in Brazil Available online 29 March 2024
  2. Abdur Rahman & Abdullah Al Mamun: The Rise of Clickbait Headlines: A Study on Media Platforms from Bangladesh Available online 29 March 2024
  3. Gregory T. Papanikos:  Regional Effects of the Great Recession on Greek Unemployment Rates: A Graphical Analysis Available online 29 March 2024
  4. Felice Vinci: A Hypothesis on the Original Meaning of Samson’s Hair Available online 28 March 2024
  5. Sakhiseni Yende: Cultural-Historical Activity Theory in Examining Creative Arts as an Anti-Bullying Strategy in South African Public Schools Available online 28 March 2024
  6. Steven M. Oberhelman: The Arts and Humanities Degree: Value and Benefits Available online 27 March 2024
  7. Mohammad A. Tashtoush, Nawal Shirawia & Noha M. Rasheed: Scoring Rubrics Method in Performance Assessment and its effect of Mathematical Achievement Available online 27 March 2024
  8. Serwan M J Baban: A Strategic Approach for Making Higher Education Institutions Relevant and Viable through Engaged Learning and Teaching based upon Graduate Employability Profiles Available online 27 March 2024
  9. Sofia Zoupa & George Karlis: The Administration of Heritage Language Schools in Multicultural Societies: The Case of the Hellenic School of Ottawa, Canada Available online 26 March 2024
  10. Kizito Lusambili Muchanga, Kizito Handa Sabatia & Josephat Kemei Nairutia: Origin, Settlement, and Beliefs of the Bisukha and Bidakho of the Luhya Community-Kenya Available online 26 March 2024
  11. Yunus Emre Ozigci: Ontological and Temporal Complications of the Social Sciences’ Approach to the Intersubjectivity in the IR Field: The Example of Constructivism and Phenomenology’s Proposal Available online 26 March 2024
  12. Daniela Pittaluga: Signs of Memory: Le Corbusier’s Drawings at Villa E.1027 Available online 21 March 2024
  13. Michihiro Sakai, Hiroshi Miki & Shunsuke Nakamura: Early STEAM Education Practice: Application of Graph Theory through Teaching Assistants Available online 21 March 2024
  14. Omotayo Adewale Awodiji & Suraiya Rathankoomar Naicker: Basic School Leaders’ Continuous Professional Development for the 4IR: A Systematic Literature Review across Africa Available online 21 March 2024
  15. Hamed Abdelreheem Ead: Historical Perspectives on Disability in Egypt: Attitudes and Policies Available online 21 March 2024
  16. Yoong Wah Alex Wong & Ernesto Carlos Pujazon Patron: A Review of the Interrelationships between Painting, Photography, Facial Recognition, and Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Portraiture Aesthetics Available online 21 March 2024
  17. Alev Erarslan: A New Element in Interior Decoration in 18th and 19th Century Ottoman Mansions: Istanbul Panoramas of Kalemişi as Wall Paintings Available online 21 March 2024
  18. Simone Selva: Domestic Growth and External Equilibrium: The Early Years of Transatlantic Economic Integration Available online 19 March 2024
  19. Richard Goranowski: Abuse of Criticism:  T.S. Eliot and Northrop Frye’s Academic Ramp-up to “Fake News” Available online 19 March 2024
  20. Mª Jesús Arroyo Fernández, María-Carmen García-Centeno, Inmaculada Hurtado Ocaña & Pedro Fernández Sánchez: GREECE vs. SPAIN: Similarities and Differences in the Evolution of Unemployment in the 21st Century Available online 19 March 2024
  21. Reza Habibi: Optimal Time for Closing a Trading Position Available online 15 March 2024
  22. Ana Paula Couceiro Figueira, Cátia Santos & Celia Ribeiro: Understanding Metaphors: A Study with Portuguese 4-6 Year-old Children Available online 15 March 2024  
  23. Natalya Davidko: Allegorical Representations of Tudor Princes Available online 15 March 2024
  24. Ana Paula Couceiro Figueira & Beatriz Marques: Understanding Metaphors: Preliminary Results with Children 9-14 Years Old Available online 15 March 2024
  25. Peter Jones: Sustainability and the UK’s Leading Clothing Retailers Available online 13 March 2024
  26. Peter Jones: Business Company Approaches to the Protection of Nature and Biodiversity Available online 12 March 2024
  27. Esin Berktaş: The Relationship of the Urartian Material Culture with the Modern Armenian Artworks Available online 12 March 2024
  28. Sanja Ivic: The Dynamic Nature of European Identity Available online 12 March 2024
  29. Ilda Rusi & Albi Alliaj: Generative Urban Design in the Field of Infrastructure: An Optimizing Solution for Connecting Fier and Vlora County by a 600 m Bridge over Selenica River, Albania Available online 12 March 2024
  30. Fatbardha Osmanaga & Kilda Gusha: Nursing Students’ Perceptions about Perinatal Mental Health Issues Available online 13 March 2024
  31. Nur Sumeyye Yalcin Kocak, Ibrahim Agah Tasdemir, Erdem Koyme & Enes Yasa: A Digital-based Model Proposal for Optimum Building Orientation in Architecture in Ecological Context Available online 11 March 2024
  32. Flavia Capodanno, Emanuela Zappalà & Paola Aiello: Appreciative Inquiry for Inclusive Schools: Preliminary Results from a Scoping Review on Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Available online 11 March 2024
  33. Megi Plaku & Viola Karapici: Vocabulary Notebooks as a Noteworthy Powerful Instrument in Technical Vocabulary Learning Available online 7 March 2024
  34. Francesca Coppolino & Bruna Di Palma: Museums of Landscape. A Project for the Tuscia’s Archaeological Heritage Available online 7 March 2024
  35. Elena Ene Drăghici-Vasilescu: How Peace was achieved in Byzantium and Medieval Europe Available online 7 March 2024
  36. Sandra Kroeker: Go(Φ)d is Number: Plotting the Divided Line & the Problem of the Irrational Available online 7 March 2024
  37. Marine Bertrand & Ekaterina Glebova: How Digital Transformation Impacts Customer Experience in the Hard Luxury Industry: Consensus on Omnichannel Strategy Available online 6 March 2024
  38. Alessio Di Paolo & Emanuela Zappalà: Fostering Reading Skills through Simplex Didactics and Music: Creation of an Inclusive Tool for Pupils with Dyslexia Available online 5 March 2024
  39. KR Geetha & Fathima M. Parimala: Emotion Regulation and Social Adjustment of Student Teachers Available online 1 March 2024

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in February 2024

  1. Francisca Selidonha Pereira Da Silva, Sophia Katsilis, Marinete Andrião Francischetto & João Barreto da Fonseca: Fake News in Brazil – Bolsonaro Case StudyAvailable online 29 February 2024
  2. Jack Hanrahan-Shirley: Tractus Errores Graecorum: Polemics of the Latin Patriarchate of Constantinople Against the GreeksAvailable online 28 February 2024
  3. Dipanwita Chakrabarti: The Kantian Notion of Categories and their OriginAvailable online 28 February 2024
  4. Jacques Malherbe: The Decline of the Eastern Empire and the Fall of Constantinople: An Omen for Europe?Available online 27 February 2024
  5. Buse Erzeybek Şemi: University Students’ Perspectives on Sexual OrientationsAvailable online 26 February 2024
  6. Michael O’Brien:A “Tearing Down” and the Aspiration to Something Greater: A Freedom Colony Church Falls in Vox Populi, Texas” Available online 29 February 2024
  7. Orhe Arek-Bawa & Sarasvathie Reddy: Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Teaching in the Digital AgeAvailable online 26 February 2024
  8. Antoine Badaoui: The Affordance of Visibility in the Social Media Videos of LGBT Nonprofits in Lebanon: (In)Visibilities, Representativity and Socio-Political EngagementAvailable online 23 February 2024
  9. Svetlana Buzhenitsa, Ioana Popa, Pietro Perotti, Lorenza Boschetti, Stefano Marguati & Simona Villani: Trends of Potential Years of Life Lost in Pavia Province (Italy) in the Period 2015-2021: The Impact of COVID-19Available online 23 February 2024
  10. Heidi Neuvonen & Maria Pecoraro: Digital Marketing Skills in High Demand: Exploratory Study of Multiple Competencies for a Marketing ProfessionalAvailable online 22 February 2024
  11. Pietro Marzo: GCC Countries Humanitarian Aid to West Africa: Geopolitics, Religion and Public DiplomacyAvailable online 21 February 2024
  12. Senzo Ngcobo & Colin D Reddy: Exploring the Link between Organisational Performance Pressures and the Factors that Compromise Ethical LeadershipAvailable online 21 February 2024
  13. Murat Atan, Sibel Atan & Şahika Gökmen: Ranking of Countries According to the Index of Economic Freedom with Multicriteria Decision Making MethodsAvailable online 20 February 2024
  14. Sylvester JO Odanga & Peter JO Aloka: Effects of Age on Teachers’ Self-Efficacy: Evidence from Secondary SchoolsAvailable online 21 February 2024
  15. Natalya Davidko:Violence in the History of England’s Christianity: A Study on the Basis of Religious and Literary Discourse Available online 20 February 2024
  16. Tshilidzi Knowles Khangala: An Analysis of South Africa’s Constitutional and UNCRC-imposed Obligations to Achieve Children’s Socio-economic Rights: A CritiqueAvailable online 20 February 2024
  17. Claudia Panisello: Aesthetics of the fantastic in Pan’s LabyrinthAvailable online 18 February 2024
  18. Lukanda Kalobo & Wendy Setlalentoa: Navigating Challenges in Gifted Education: A Teacher’s Perspective on Overcoming BarriersAvailable online 18 February 2024
  19. Keilah Gerber & Marina Mortoza: Translation and Memory from the Cremation Ovens in Poland to Freedom in Greece and the US: The Journey and the Manuscripts of Marcel Nadjary Available online 18 February 2024
  20. David A. Ferguson: Birth of the Cool Musical Quotes in Marty Paich Arrangements on Mel Tormé Swings Shubert AlleyAvailable online 16 February 2024
  21. Ana Bardorfer: Fostering Students’ Active Participation in Higher Education: The Role of Teacher-student RapportAvailable online 15 February 2024
  22. Maria Kosma: Gadamer’s Hermeneutic Universality of Play: The Greatest Form of Human Play is Art and its Signification to Movement EducationAvailable online 15 February 2024
  23. Elena Emilia Ștefan: Water – Public Good Vital for HumanityAvailable online 14 February 2024
  24. Ruhiye Onurel & Eva Aleksandru Şarlak: Stylistic Analysis of The Holy Icons From Saint George Church in Yenikoy, IstanbulAvailable online 13 February 2024
  25. Ștefan Stareţu: On Interferences between the Pannonian-Finnish Corridor and the Silk RoadAvailable online 13 February 2024
  26. Catus Brooks: The Practicality of the Theory of the Good: An Interpretative ReconstructionAvailable online 13 February 2024
  27. Amber Brittain-Hale: She Speaks for Millions: The Emergence of Female Diplomatic Voices in the Russo-Ukrainian WarAvailable online 12 February 2024
  28. Melis Yeşilpınar Uyar: Metacognitive Strategies and Tendency to be Open to Learning: A Predictive StudyAvailable online 12 February 2024
  29. Monika Komušanac: Recent Forced Migration and Demographic Trends of Endangered Areas of UkraineAvailable online 12 February 2024
  30. Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson & Teela Robertson: The Evolved Self: Mapping an Understanding of the Self in PsychotherapyAvailable online 8 February 2024
  31. Justine Bakuuro: In the Belly of Text Complexity: Unravelling the Nexus between Lexical Density and Readability Available online 8 February 2024
  32. Shi Li: On the Triple Connections between Morality and Politics: An Inquiry of Western and Chinese Political PhilosophyAvailable online 8 February 2024
  33. Carsten Lecon: Supporting Distributed Learning through Immersive Learning EnvironmentsAvailable online 8 February 2024
  34. Lorraine Bennett & Ali Abusalem: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its Potential Impact on the Future of Higher EducationAvailable online 7 February 2024
  35. Shaho Jafari: Legal Assessment of the Condition of Recourse to Domestic Judicial Authorities in the Judicial Procedures of the European Court of Human Rights with a view to the Case of Salahuddin Anju and others v. TurkeyAvailable online 5 February 2024
  36. Md Azalanshah Bin Md Syed & Tony Wilson: Interpretative  Phenomenological/ PhronesisAnalyses: Using Hermeneutic Ubiquitous Themes (HUTs) to Position Research Participant Experiential Narratives Available online 5 February 2024
  37. Sandra Velez Candelario: Family Organizational Basics, Leadership, Communication, Environment and CultureAvailable online 1 February 2024

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in January 2024

  1. Manfred Rössle & Stefan Pohl: Quality Testing in Aluminum Die-Casting – A Novel Approach Using Acoustic Data in Neural NetworksAvailable online 31 January 2024
  2. H. Rick Jarow: On SmrtiAvailable online 31 January 2024
  3. Ke Zhao: Leo Strauss’s Reading of Spinoza and the Art of “be Alert to the Art of Writing”Available online 31 January 2024
  4. Kome Donard:Legal Protection of Linguistic Minority under Discrimination: The Case of Anglophone Cameroon Available online 31 January 2024
  5. Ana Paula Pinto: Imagery of Childhood from the Homeric PoemsAvailable online 31 January 2024
  6. Mehvish Bhat, Ankur Agrawal & Michail V. Barmpas: Differentiation, Cost Leadership, or Ending Up in the Middle? A Reflection on the Viability of Porter’s Generic Strategies through a Case Study Comparison of McDonalds and StarbucksAvailable online 29 January 2024
  7. Juan A. Mateu-Sánchez, Ester Giménez-Carbó, Pedro Serna, Carmen Castro-Burguillo, Juan Navarro-Gregori & Jose R. Martí-Vargas: Study on the Stresses Released in a Notched, Postensioned Concrete BeamAvailable online 29 January 2024
  8. Tennyson Samraj: Jurisprudence: The Study of the Rule of Law in a RepublicAvailable online 26 January 2024
  9. Foteini Papadopoulou, Silvio Carta & Ian Wyn Owen: Building Environments for Female Sex Trafficking Victims: A Parametric Design ApproachAvailable online 26 January 2024
  10. Liana Markariani & Maia Toradze: Pseudo-positive Information and COVID-19: Reasons behind Sharing Fake News(Georgian Social Media Analysis) Available online 26 January 2024
  11. Pasquale Miano & Francesca Coppolino: Architecture as Infrastructure for Archaeology: A Design Strategy for Crapolla’s Abbey in the Sorrento Peninsula LandscapeAvailable online 24 January 2024
  12. Raffaella Maddaluno: Faith in the Stars and Architecture: Astrology as an Interpretation of Religious Permanence and the Birth of ModernityAvailable online 24 January 2024
  13. Roberta Caragnano: New Welfare Models and Community Enterprises: Commons and Sustainable EconomyAvailable online 22 January 2024

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in December 2023

  1. Gregory T. Papanikos: The Future of GlobalizationAvailable online 28 December 2023
  2. Stephan Unger & Jacob Akey: The Diffusion Speed of Good vs. Bad News in GeopoliticsAvailable online 29 December 2023
  3. Mariam Gersamia, Ekatherine Gigauri, Salome Mamasakhlisi, Mikheil Bodokia & Mariam Nakoevi: Russia’s War in Ukraine and Media Solidarity (Case of Georgia)Available online 29 December 2023
  4. Jin Yang: Deliberating Issues or Discharging Feelings? A Closer Look at “Below-the-Line” Reader Comments on the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands DisputeAvailable online 29 December 2023
  5. Jeffrey Leela, Karim Rahaman & Donna M. G. Comissiong: Analyzing the Efficiency of Passing Networks in SoccerAvailable online 29 December 2023

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in November 2023

  1. Mayank V. Sodha, Jignesh P. Vaghela & A. Arun Kumar: Perception of the University Students on Entrepreneurship Education Available online30 November 2023
  2. Lena Ivarsson: Acceleration and Enrichment for Gifted Students – From the Perspective of Swedish Principals Available online 24 November 2023
  3. Md. Motiur Rahman & Farzana Tasnim Pinky: Communication Apprehension among the Communication Students of Bangladesh Available online 2 November 2023
  4. Gregory T. Papanikos: The National Identity of Ancient and Modern Greeks Available online 29 November 2023
  5. Ayse Ozada Nazim & Mualla Koseoglu: Delinquent Youths Sociodemographic Characteristics: A Study of 2068 Official Data Available online 2 November 2023

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in October 2023

  1. William O’Meara: Two Christian-Aristotelian Ethics: The Ethics of Aquinas and Augustine vs. the Situation Ethics of Joseph Fletcher Available online 31 October 2023
  2. Mohammed-Awal Alhassan, Ahmed Bawa Kuyini, Boitumelo Mangope & Thenjiwe Emily Major: African Academics in Norway: Experiences of Inclusion and Exclusion and Impact on Mental Wellbeing Available online 26 October 2023
  3. Margaret Gichuru, Rhiannon Maton, Mechthild Nagel & Lin Lin: Engaging Children in Philosophical Inquiry through Picturebooks Available online 24 October 2023
  4. Emmanuel K Nartey: The Ethics of Law: How US/UK Intervention in Iraq and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Breach the Principle of Virtue and International Law Available online 24 October 2023
  5. Ildikó Holik, István Dániel Sanda & György Molnár: The Necessity of Developing Soft Skills in STEM Areas in Higher Education, with Special Focus on Engineering Training Available online 23 October 2023
  6. Khalid Mohammed Alkhuzaim & Thamer Ali Alwahbi: The Availability Level of the Aesthetic Approach in Mathematics Textbooks for the Higher Grades at the Primary Stage in Saudi ArabiaAvailable online 21 October 2023
  7. Gohar Marikyan: Teaching Mathematics with Visuals Available online 21 October 2023
  8. Carla Sequeira: Trademarks and Denomination of Origin in Portuguese Wine Sector (1918-1924) Available online 19 October 2023
  9. Katlego Arnold Mashego: The Full Enforcement of Socio-economic Rights in Africa: A Dream or a Reality? Available online 16 October 2023
  10. Mukta Mukherjee & Arunesh Ray: Catching Cab – An Act of Fear or Compulsion? Empirical Study based on Online APP Cabs in India during COVID-19 Pandemic Available online 6 October 2023
  11. Constantia Charalambous & Christos Papademetriou: Inclusive Education during Pandemic Crisis of COVID-19 Available online 4 October 2023
  12. Joe P. Dunn: Kok Kosor and the Struggle for Cultural Survival, Human Rights, and Religious Freedom for the Montagnards of the Central Highlands Available online 4 October 2023
  13. Rafaella Pilo: 1668: An Annus Horribilis for the Spanish Monarchy – The Lost European Hegemony, the International Situation, the Internal Crisis Available online 4 October 2023
  14. Oliver R. Baker: Kleomenes I of Sparta: A Proto-Biography Available online 3 October 2023

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in September 2023

  1. Farideh Hamidi, Shokoofeh Soleymani, Sara Dazy & Maryam Meshkat: Teaching Mathematics Based on Integrating Reading Strategies and Working Memory in Elementary School Available online 29 September 2023
  2. Matti Koiranen & Hannele Rautamäki: Born Outside of Wedlock, Died as a Millionaire: Getting Wealthy by Being Entrepreneurially Resourceful Available online 21 September 2023
  3. Brian Tavonga Mazorodze & Harris Maduku: Does Education Help Local Economies Reach Economic Potential? Evidence from South Africa Available online 20 September 2023
  4. Djily Diagne: Is there a Link between Teacher Salary and Educational Achievement? An Analysis in OECD Countries Available online 21 September 2023
  5. Irena Kossowska: The Syndrome of an Emigrant: Memory, Trauma, Longing, and Loss in the Art of Józef Czapski Available online 20 September 2023
  6. Joseph O. Adelusi, Solomon B. Oguntuase & Oluwatoyin M. Jaiyeoba: Basic Psychological Needs Predicting Physical Activity Participation among Young Adults Available online 15 September 2023
  7. Fadi Samawi & Zain Tadros: Academic Burnout and its Association with Undesired Behaviors among Faculty Members at Al-Balqa Applied University from Students’ Perspectives Available online 14 September 2023
  8. Alexandra Massini: The Method in the Madness: Dionysus in the Arts of the Modern Era Available online 13 September 2023
  9. Peter Jones: Towards a Green and Digital Transition for European Tourism Available online 13 September 2023
  10. Boitumelo Caroline Rasethuntsa: Tourism Safety and Security: Strategies Adopted by some African Economies Available online 13 September 2023

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in August 2023

  1. Mohamed Elkhouli: Examining the Most Important Factors Affecting the Egyptian Family’s Choice of the Ideal Number of Children in the Light of the 2015 Demographic and Health Survey Available online 29 August 2023
  2. Adel M. Zeglam & Najah S. Wahra: Behavioral and Emotional Problems among School Children in Tripoli, Libya: What Impact does it have on Community Public Health? Available online 25 August 2023
  3. Alcebíades Fogaça de Souza Sobrinho, Roberto Braga Alves Junior, Edvaldo Aparecido Amaral da Silva & José Luís Contado: Identification of Greenish Soybean Seeds through Image Processing, under Different Types of Lighting Available online 25 August 2023
  4. Ingrid Brenner, Alex Jalsevac & Kirsten Woodend: Physical Activity for the Treatment of Phantom Limb Pain Available online 25 August 2023
  5. Raymond Stefani: Evaluation and Discussion of Post-COVID Higher-Rated Women’s Teams Winning More Often and Men’s Teams Less Often in World Championships Available online 23 August 2023
  6. Gregory T. Papanikos: Explaining Electoral Successes in Greek Parliamentary Elections: Is it the Economy Again? Available online 21 August 2023
  7. Roberta Caragnano: Towards New Work Paradigms: Inclusion, Digital, Sustainability, Hybrid Organisations Available online 17 August 2023
  8. Elena Emilia Ștefan: Climate Change – An Administrative Law Perspective Available online 10 August 2023
  9. Emmanuel K Nartey: Enforcing the Legal Principle of Duty of Care in Corporate Human Rights Violations and Environmental Damage Cases in Developing Countries Available online 5 August 2023
  10. Merve Duysak: Legal Developments as to “Cyber Grooming” Actions from the Lanzarote Convention to Now Available online 5 August 2023
  11. Lavinia-Olivia Iancu: Covid Influence in Insolvency in Romania Available online 1 August 2023

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in July 2023

  1. Gloria Marchetti: The Changes in the Approach to Environmental Protection by the European Union and its Member States and the Regulatory Innovations in Italy Available online 31 July 2023
  2. José Manuel Castillo López: An Economic Perspective of the Justice Digitalisation Process: The Questions of Efficiency and Equity Available online 27 July 2023
  3. Krasimir Kabakčiev: After Verkuyl’s Discovery Aspect is No Longer a Mystery, but Aspectology Needs a Reform. Review Article: Henk Verkuyl, The Compositional Nature of Tense, Mood and Aspect (Cambridge Studies in Linguistics 167). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2022 Available online 18 July 2023

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in June 2023

  1. Muhammad Tarique & Lubna Shaheen: War Journalism Where There’s No War: Critical Discourse Analysis of Russo-Ukraine Conflict in Pakistani Elite National Press Available online 29 June 2023
  2. Amir Ekhlassi & Amir Rahideh: A Typology for Sociopolitical Stance of International Brands in the Case of Ukraine War Available online 29 June 2023
  3. Paul Godbout: Situation Awareness: A Pivotal Process for Sensemaking and Decision Making in the Learning and Practice of Physical Activities Available online 23 June 2023
  4. Giuseppe Masullo, Marianna Coppola & Miriam Matteo: Male Shaming, Social Representations and Discriminations of Masculinity: A Socio-psychological Research Available online 20 June 2023
  5. Masooma Al-Balushi & Tamer Atef: An Evaluative Case Study of City Center Muscat Accessibility Provisions Available online 16 June 2023
  6. Bertha MN Ochieng, Ismail Chaudhry, Carol Chamley, Dewy Nijhof, Rebecca Ochieng, Louise Rogerson, Richard Wong & Rishabh Prasad: A Case Study of a Pilot Smart Home Monitoring System with Older Adults Living Alone in East Midlands Available online 16 June 2023
  7. Thi-Hoang-Anh Tran: Factors Influencing Tourist Satisfaction in the Restaurant Industry at Can Tho City, Vietnam after the COVID-19 Pandemic Available online 9 June 2023
  8. Patrick Brecht, Jacqueline Reinbold, Manuel Niever, Carsten H. Hahn, Felix Pfaff & Albert Albers: KaPIL – Karlsruher Platform Innovation Lab: A Validation Environment to Design Digital Platform Business Models and Test Related Tools and Methods Available online 8 June 2023
  9. Maria Paola Pasini: From the Exclusive to the Excessive. Lake Garda’s Long History of Tourism from the Belle Époque to Overtourism Available online 7 June 2023
  10. Carla Colomba & W. James Weese: Environmental Sustainability and the National Hockey League: A Review of the Seven Canadian Teams Available online 2 June 2023

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in May 2023

  1. Thiago Burckhart: Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Brazil: A Conceptual Framework on Indigenous Constitutional Law Available online 18 May 2023
  2. Iulia Boghirnea: Legislative Mechanisms of the European Union and of Transposition into the Romanian Legislation Concerning the Problem of Work-Life Balance for Parents and Caregivers – Sociological Aspects Available online 16 May 2023
  3. Eleni Tseligka: The Reterritorialisation of Pontic Greeks in Germany and the Modernisation of Tradition Available online 16 May 2023
  4. Jason L. Perry & Aaron Livingston: Breaking the Glass: The Perception of Gender Disparity from Future Sport Professionals Available online 31 May 2023
  5. Samuel Kosolapov: Time Effective Logistics of Hybrid Image Processing Course and Laboratory Available online 16 May 2023
  6. Sílvia M. Dinis Mendes, Paula Machado, Carla David Reis & Vera L. Mendes Cunha: Trade Off and Pecking Order Capital Structure Theories in Tourism Sector in the Portuguese Central Region Available online 17 May 2023

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in April 2023

  1. Thomas Bisiani & Adriano Venudo: Fragments of the Iron Curtain – The Polveriera of Romans d’Isonzo: A Methodological Experiment between Architecture and Landscape Available online 17 April 2023
  2. Nicholas Clarke & Marieke Kuipers: Acknowledging the Dignity of Architectural Heritage Adding a Fourth Virtue to the Vitruvian Triad Available online 5 April 2023
  3. Llazar Kumaraku & Dasara Pula: Identity of Architecture: The Case of the National Library of Kosovo Available online 4 April 2023
  4. Leticja Gusho & Rodika Goci: The Importance of Teachers Training in Relation to the Socialization of Children with Special Education Needs in the Mainstream Classrooms Available online 18 April 2023
  5. Ali Abusalem, Lorraine Bennett & Dimitra Antonelou-Abusalem: Engaging and Retaining Students in Online Learning Available online 10 April 2023
  6. Lorraine Bennett & Ali Abusalem: Building Academic Integrity and Capacity in Digital Assessment in Higher Education Available online 7 April 2023
  7. Kieron Sheehy, Jonathan Rix, Felicity Fletcher-Campbell, Martin Crisp & Amanda Harper: Using Vignettes as a Research Method to Investigate Placement and Provision for Children with Special Educational Needs in Different Countries Available online 4 April 2023
  8. William O’Meara: Joseph Fletcher on Agapeic Love: An Evaluation Available online 13 April 2023
  9. Esthy Kravitz-Lurie: ‘L celeste e ‘l vulgare Amore instituiti da Platone:’ Bellori’s Interpretation of Annibale Carracci’s Theme of Love in the Farnese Gallery Available online 4 April 2023
  10. Elena Emilia Ştefan: News and Perspectives of Public Law Available online 24 April 2023
  11. Ioan Lazăr: Competition Law, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Available online 20 April 2023
  12. Rocco Neri: The Sin of Unreasonable Doubt in the Age of Unfair Trial: Comparative Perspectives Available online 13 April 2023
  13. Gennadiy Chernov: The Russian – Ukrainian War: Persistence of Frames and the Media Issue-Cycles Available online 27 April 2023
  14. Priyanka Kundu & Maliha Tabassum: Harassed and Hushed: Bangladeshi Women Journalists’ Experiences of Gender Discrimination and Sexual Harassments Available online 20 April 2023
  15. Gregory T. Papanikos: Whither Democracy in the Mediterranean Basin Available online 13 April 2023



Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in March 2023

  1. Anthony Aboagye: Structuring African Warehouse Receipt Systems to Succeed Available online 8 March 2023
  2. Eva Klemenčič, Mateja Ploj Virtič & Janja Majer Kovačič: The Role of Teacher Education in the Science Literacy Development Available online 26 January 2023
  3. Jelena Osmanović Zajić & Jelena Maksimović: The Bologna in the Field of Social Sciences and Humanities: A Precondition for Successful University Education Available online 6 March 2023
  4. Miranda Enesi & Anisa Trifoni: An Analysis of English Writing Errors of Freshmen Students’ Essays: The Case of ‘Aleksandër Moisiu’ University Available online 3 March 2023
  5. John Victor Rautenbach, Ntobeko Shozi & Angelo Nicolaides: The Implication of ‘Rurality’ in Terms of Higher Education in a Rural South African Context Available online 2 March 2023
  6. Nengieh Lizzie Wantchami: Stakeholders’ Assessment of Fundraising as a Factor of Image Building in Public Secondary Schools in South West Region, Cameroon Available online 7 March 2023
  7. Shoji Azuma: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida: Examining his Speech Style through Sociolinguistic Len Available online 2 March 2023
  8. Nessma Salim: The Nostalgic Home in E. M. Forster’s Novels Available online 28 March 2023
  9. Sally Michael Hanna: The Black Aesthetic in Rita Dove’s Playlist for the Apocalypse Available online 2 March 2023
  10. Konstantina Melina Lourou Terzaki: Dog-like Madness in Tragedy and the Early Cynics Available online 28 March 2023
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  19. Abigail Chivandi, Mutali Sikhauli & Thembelani Mlilo: Green Innovation Sustainability & Green Practice Behaviours in Tourism & Hospitality Available online 15 March 2023

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in February 2023

  1. Anja Ströbele, Patrick Brecht, Lisa Kurz & Carsten H. Hahn: Conceptualization of a Cooperative Company Builder for Systematic Transfer of University Research and Innovation in the German Mittelstan Available online 24 February 2023
  2. Mark Lin, Patrick Lewis & Periklis Papadopoulos: Utilising Magnus Effect to Increase Downforce in Motorsport Available online 24 February 2023
  3. Patrice Bouvet: The Competitive Balance of the Ryder Cup: The Key Factor for the Success of the Modern Era of this Competition Available online 24 February 2023
  4. Robert Smith & Mark Perry: Is an “Open Innovation” Policy Viable in Southeast Asia? – A Legal Perspective Available online 23 February 2023
  5. Tobias Zander: FDI Flows and the Effects of the Shadow Economy: Evidence from Gravity Modelling Available online 22 February 2023
  6. Rashid Nikzad: Evaluation of Productivity in the Canadian Copyright-based Industries Available online 22 February 2023
  7. James A. Bryant, Jr.: Gadugi: Reclaiming Native American Education through a Culturally Reflective Pedagogy Available online 22 February 2023
  8. Susanne I. Lapp & Rina Bousalis: Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Perceptions of the Learning and Teaching of Civil Rights Available online 21 February 2023
  9. Thomas Bisiani & Vittoria Umani: Geography, Infrastructure and Architecture: From the Immaterial Scenes of the Arts to the Physical Space of the American City Available online 21 February 2023
  10. Hector Estrada & Luke Lee: Embodied Energy and Carbon Footprint of Concrete Compared to Other Construction Materials Available online 20 February 2023
  11. Angelo Nicolaides & Nkosinathi Dludla: Virtue Ethics and Ubuntu in Leadership towards the Promotion of Ethical Organisational Operations Available online 20 February 2023
  12. Mei-Shiu Chiu & Ya Ping (Amy) Hsiao: Process Indicators for Grading Group Essays: Learning Analytics of Assessment Data and Online Behaviour Available online 20 February 2023
  13. Simone Caponetti: Jobs, Green Deal and Sustainability Available online 20 February 2023
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  18. Christo Vosloo: Future Directions in Architectural Practice Available online 13 February 2022
  19. Krzysztof A. Cyran: Research and Innovation Staff Exchange as a Frame for Collaboration of Higher Education with Industry: Lessons Learned from WrightBroS Horizon 2020 EU Project Available online 14 February 2023
  20. Li Xu, Xinning Yang & Suping Tian: A Study on the Role of Internet Emoticons in Business Communication from the Perspective of Symbolic Interactionism Available online 14 February 2023
  21. Riadh Habash: An Experiential Engineering Learning Model for Knowledge and State of Flow Creation Available online 9 February 2023
  22. Mihaela Elvira Pătrăuş & Tudor Dumitru Vidrean – Căpușan: European Union Fundamental Rights Reflected in Tax Procedures.  The Key for Tax Harmonisation inside The European Union? Available online 8 February 2023
  23. Constantinos Alexiou: Income Inequality, Health Outcomes and Financial Crisis: Novel Evidence Available online 8 February 2023
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  29. Carlos Sánchez-Moreno Ellart: Briseis in the Chora? The Mother’s Role in the Marriage Documents from Greco-Roman Egypt Available online 1 February 2023

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in January 2023

  1. Dipanwita Chakrabarti: Kant on Quantitative and Qualitative Judgments Available online 26 January 2023
  2. Eva Klemenčič, Mateja Ploj Virtič & Janja Majer Kovačič: The Role of Teacher Education in the Science Literacy Development Available online 26 January 2023
  3. Elena Roibas-Millan, José Miguel Álvarez-Romero, Sergio Marín-Coca, Ángel Porras-Hermoso, Javier Pérez-Álvarez, Javier Cubas & Santiago Pindado: The UPMQube: An Academic/Educational PocketQube Proposal for the EU2Space Challenge Available online 26 January 2023
  4. Muhammad Bin Abubakr Joolfoo & Mussawir Ahmad Hosany: Machine Learning Solutions in Combating COVID-19: State of the Art and Challenges Available online 26 January 2023
  5. Mohamed Moussa, Mohammed N. Elziny & Ahmed M. Hussein: Assessing the Internal Critical Success Factors of Service Quality in Boatels: A Case Study of Egypt Available online 26 January 2023
  6. Martin G. Wynn & Peter Jones: Natural Capital and Natural Asset Management in the Hospitality Industry Available online 26 January 2023
  7. Ildikó Holik & István Dániel Sanda: The Possibilities of Developing STEM Skills in Higher Education Available online 20 January 2023
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  9. Pedro Luis Luchini & Gabriela Mariel Ferreiro: Second Language Vocabulary Teaching and Learning: Inspecting Alternatives and Analyzing Results Available online 15 December 2022

Forthcoming Papers – Uploaded in December 2022

  1. Pedro Luis Luchini & Gabriela Mariel Ferreiro: Second Language Vocabulary Teaching and Learning: Inspecting Alternatives and Analyzing ResultsAvailable online 15 December 2022
  2. William Bintz: Portrayal of Bullying in Selected Picture Books: A Content AnalysisAvailable online 15 December 2022
  3. Kathleen Ann O’Donnell: English Brutal Colonisation of the Seven Islands:  The Poems of Ossian by James MacphersonAvailable online 15 December 2022
  4. Viktoria Holmik & Milica Muminovic: Diagramming Urban Fragments: Collage City and the ‘Vest-pocket’ in the Case Study of CanberraAvailable online 5 December 2022
  5. John M. Ryan & Víctor Parra-Guinaldo: Trends of Diminutive Relexification in Neapolitan: A Lexicographic Analysis with Comparisons to Spanish and ItalianAvailable online 5 December 2022
  6. Manoranjan Mallick & Pragyanparamita Mohapatra: Wittgenstein’s Notion of ‘Higher’: A Reading from Sankara’s Conception of JnanaAvailable online 15 December 2022
  7. Alina Nikolaevna Paranina & Roman Viktorovich Paranin: On the Determination of the Geographic North on Archeological Plans in Connection with the Problem of the Quality of Geographic EducationAvailable online 5 December 2022
  8. Angelina P. Lumbre, Ma. Nympha Beltran-Joaquin & Sheryl Lyn C. Monterola: Relationship between Mathematics Teachers’ Teaching Styles and Students’ Achievement in MathematicsAvailable online 5 December 2022
  9. Stavroula Malla, Solomon Akowuah & K.K.Klein: Empirical Analysis of Obesity Determinants and Prevalence – The Case of CanadaAvailable online 2 December 2022
  10. Masudul Biswas: Foreign-born Faculty Members’ Teaching Experience in U.S. Mass Communication and Journalism Programs: How They Navigate ChallengesAvailable online 2 December 2022