Paper Submission-Review-Acceptance-Publication

Very Important Note: Before submitting your paper, please consider the following criteria: (a) the paper must be written in proper English, following the Journal’s guidelines (samples can be found on each Journal’s website or could be sent to you upon request); (b) the first section of the paper should include an introduction where the aim (including scope and research question) of the paper is well defined. The last paragraph of this section must include a short outline or roadmap of the various parts of the paper, which includes the introduction as the first piece; (c) the second section of the paper should include an up-to-date literature review; (d) methodology and discussion of the findings/results or general arguments, etc., must follow; and (e) the final section of the paper should communicate clear conclusions. Papers not meeting these requirements will be desk rejected.

  1. Papers must be submitted in English only, using the following paper submission form (click here), in Microsoft Word format only, along with the author(s) declaration form. Before submitting your paper, we recommend using one of the various AI writing tools available to check the English in your work. Papers should be between 5,000 and 10,000 words. An abstract must be included, which should not exceed 200 words. While different journals may follow various systems of referencing and styles, at this stage of paper submission, please adhere to the paper guidelines found at this link: Please note that only authors may submit papers. We consider only original research for publication. Articles that have been published elsewhere or are currently under consideration for publication elsewhere must not be submitted. ATINER uses Plagiarism Checker X (, a cloud-based plagiarism detection software that examines similarities/citations/references in texts to determine the percentage of original content in each paper. All submissions will be checked before being sent to reviewers and uploaded in the special website section titled ‘papers under review’ (
  2. The review process might take an average of six months to one year before papers appear in the list of forthcoming papers of the journal, pending acceptance. We kindly request that authors refrain from imposing time demands on ATINER’s administration, as the entire publishing process depends on editors and reviewers, who are also academics and researchers like yourselves. Due to the high volume of submissions, if you do not hear from us within four months, please send us an email to inquire about the status of your paper, but not before that. The double-blind peer review process, as described at, begins as soon as the final paper is submitted, but only after the author has provided formal consent for publication. If papers are accepted but revisions are requested by reviewers and authors subsequently decide to withdraw their paper, please be aware that the blind copy of the paper will remain on the website (in the ‘papers under review’ section) for at least 12 months after the official withdrawal notification by the author/s. This measure is in place to prevent any potential malicious strategic behaviors, as the entire paper review process at ATINER is provided free of charge.
  3. An accepted paper is uploaded to the forthcoming list of the eJournal, serving as formal certification that the paper will be published in one of the forthcoming issues of the eJournal. These papers can be officially cited with the indication that they are forthcoming. There is no specific ‘waiting list’ for papers to appear in a future issue. Instead, the editors decide which papers will appear in the next issue based on criteria related to the homogeneity of the papers’ themes. Sometimes, they may form a special issue.
  4. There is no submission or publication fee. Authors are notified that the process is highly competitive, and on average, less than 20% of the papers considered are ultimately accepted for publication. Therefore, before submitting, please ensure that your paper meets the academic standards of scholarly research. Additionally, make sure you have reviewed and cited the most important and recent English references related to your research. You are encouraged to review papers published in one of ATINER’s journals that are relevant to your research.
  5. ATINER reserves the right to republish the article in a book collection without requiring the authors’ permission. This publication will be solely attributed to ATINER, and the e-book will be offered for free.
  6. ATINER does not require the transfer of any copyright. The authors retain the full intellectual property rights of their paper.

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